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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-10A Robust General Voronoi Graph based SLAM for a Hyper Symmetric Environment도낙주; 정완균; 이성온; 오상록; 유범재
2000-10Analysis of compliance characteristic for effective multi-fingered robotic peg-in-hole task김병호; 오상록; 이병주; 서일홍; 정완균
2003-06Analysis of discrete-time disturbance observer for second-order systems.양광진; 최영진; 정완균
2003-06Auto-tuning PID controller for robotic manipulators.최영진; 오용환; 오상록; 정완균
1996-04Control input reconstruction using redundancy under torque limit.김문상; 정완균; 염영일; 박종훈; 김만근
1997-07Control of two-link flexible manipulator using disterbance observer with reaction torque feedback정완균; J. Cheong; 염영일; 오상록
2009-10Description of Instantaneous Restriction Space for Multi-DOFs Bilateral Teleoperation Systems Using Position Sensors in Unstructured Environments김기훈; 정완균; M. Cenk Cavusoglu
1996-04Design of a robust motion controllers for kinematically redundant manipulator in presence of structural uncertainty and dynamic disturbances.김문상; 박종훈; 염영일; 정완균
2003-04Design of disturbance observer considering robustness and control performance (2) : it's application for optical disc drive servo system.김홍록; 최영진; 서일홍; 정완균; 박명관; 이경호
2001-01Development of a humanoid robot system : design and initial experiment황보명; 이성온; 오용환; 유범재; 조영조; 오상록; 안경호; 정완균
1999-09Development of an unmanned autonomous concrete floor robotic troweling system황보명; 유범재; 오상록; 이건영; 김석호; 정삼룡; 한송수; 서일홍; 정완균
2012-05Development of Kalman Filter based two-port Body Force Observer for the Flexible Joint: Design and Experiments박영진; 이호선; 오용환; 정완균
2002-07Disturbance observer based approach to the design of sliding mode controller for high performance positioning systems.김봉근; 정완균; 오상록
1998-05Disturbance observer based force control of robot manipulator without force sensor오상록; 엄광식; 서일홍; 정완균
2000-06Disturbance observer-based robust control of underwater robotic system having under-actuated joints오상록; 정구봉; 엄광식; 이병주; 서일홍; 정완균
2004-10Door Detection Algorithm of a Mobile Robot in Hallway using a PC Camera이정석; 도낙주; 정완균; 유범재; Young Il Youm
2002-10Dynamic task priority approach to avoid kinematic singularity for autonomous manipulationJinhyun Kim; Giacomo Marani; 정완균; 여준구; 오상록
1998-10H// ∞ robust motion control of kinematically redundant manipulators박종훈; 정완균; 염영일; 김문상
1999-05Hybrid impedance control of redundant manipulators: an approach to decouple task space and null space motions오용환; 정완균; 영염일; 김문상
2004-06Multiple Tasks Manipulation for a Robotic Manipulator최영진; 오용환; 오상록; 박종훈; 정완균
2003-02On the robustness and performance of disturbance observers for second-order systems.최영진; 양광진; 정완균; 김홍록; 서일홍
2001-08On the task priority manipulation scheme with high execution performance for a robotic manipulator최영진; 정완균; 오용환; 오상록; 서일홍
2005-02On the Tracking Performance Improvement of Optical Disk Drive Servo Systems Using Error-Based Disturbance Observer양광진; 최영진; 정완균
2003-12Performance analysis of discrete-time disturbance observer for second-order systems.양광진; 최영진; 정완균
2005-06Performance Limitation and Autotuning of Inverse Optimal PID Controller for Lagrangian Systems최영진; 정완균
2003-06PID performance tuning methos for a robotic manipulator based on ISS최영진; 정완균
2004-06PID Trajectory Tracking Control for Mechanical Systems최영진; 정완균
1999-09Position estimation of a car-like mobile robot using a gyroscope and disturbance conditions김민철; 정완균; 염영일; 오상록
2018-11Programming by Demonstration using the Tele-Impedance Control Scheme: Verification by an sEMG-Controlled Ball-Trapping Robot김기훈; 박성식; 이웅용; 정완균
1997-09Region-based Q-learning using convex clustering approach서일홍; 김재현; 오상록; 조영조; 정완균