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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-05A bioscrubber process for treatment of waste gases containing VOC곽재호; 장윤영; 최대기; 황경엽
2004-04A scale-up of pressure swing adsorption process for 4Nm3/hr H2 separation남기문; 강석현; 정병만; 손승준; 이창하; 최대기
2004-02A Scale-up of PSA Process for 4m3/hr Hydrogen Separation남기문; 강석현; 정병만; 손승준; 이창하; 최대기
2002-10A study of adsorption equilibria for pure CH4,C2H6,C2H4,N2,H2 component onto activated carbon최병욱; 김성현; 최대기; 이창하; 이병권
2005-07A Study of an Incineration Flue Gas Treatment using Catalyst-Promoted Active Carbon and Carbon Fibers with Enhanced Adsorptivity이영환; 김현진; 정병만; 최대기; 이후근
1993-01A study on concentration of ethanol from aqueous ethanol solution using supercritical CO2.임종성; 이윤용; 김재덕; 조정식; 최대기; 전해수
1990-06A study on improvement of sieve tray performance with meshed chamber.조성용; 최대기; 이윤용
2000-10A study on PTSA desorption behavior using rigorous dynamic simulation이혜진; 고대호; 문일; 최대기
2000-04A study on the desorption characteristics in an activated carbon fixed bed송명근; 최대기; 이후근; 김덕찬
1990-10A study on the hydraulic characteristics of a structural packing.조성용; 노경호; 최대기; 이윤용
2011-02Adsorpion dynamics and effects of carbon to zeolite ratio of layered beds for multicomponent gas adsorption장성철; 양세일; 오성근; 최대기
2002-04Adsorption and desorption characteristics of H₂/CH₄, H₂CO/CO₂ mixture gases on activated carbon and zeolite 5A beds for recovery of high purity hydrogen김중석; 김민배; 최대기; 이창하
2008-10Adsorption and Desorption Dynamic Characteristics of Hydrogen Mixture Gases on Layered Bed박주용; 양세일; 이창하; 최대기
2003-07Adsorption and reaction behavior for the simultaneous adsorption of NO-NO2 and SO2 on activated carbon impregnated with KOH이영완; Hyun-Jin Kim; 박지원; 최병욱; 최대기; 박진원
2002-05Adsorption and reaction of NO and NO₂ by carbon supproting potassium catalyst김현진; 이영환; 최대기; 나병기; 이은일; 박진원
2004-08Adsorption and Regeneration Dynamic Characteristics of Methane and Hydrogen Binary System최병욱; 남기문; 최대기; 이병권; 김성현; 이창하
1997-01Adsorption and thermal regeneration of methylene chloride vapor on an activated carbon bed황계순; 최대기; 공성영; 조성용
2002-09Adsorption behavior of NO and NO₂ onto KOH impregnated activated carbon김현진; 이영환; 최대기; 나병기; 이은일; 박진원
1999-04Adsorption characteristic curves of benzene and toluene on high silica zeolite송명근; 김덕찬; 이후근; 최대기; 윤정호
2005-12Adsorption Characteristic of Hydrogen and Methane on Activated Carbon김은철; 최대기; 노경호
1997-01Adsorption characteristics of aromatic VOCs on activated carbon윤정호; 조성용; 황경엽; 최대기
2002-10Adsorption characteristics of H ₂ /CH ₄ on activated carbon and zeolite 5A beds.Joong-Suck Kim; Min-Bae Kim; 최대기; Chang-Ha Lee
2005-10Adsorption characteristics of H2S, CH3SH, and NH3 on impregnated activated carbon장성철; 강석현; 정병만; 최현우; 안의섭; 최대기; 오성근
2000-04Adsorption characteristics of NOx on potassium species alkaline impregnated activated carbon in com이영환; 장성철; 최대기; 박진원; 이후근
2002-03Adsorption characteristics of SO ₂ on activated carbon prepared from coconut shell with potassium hydroxide activation이영환; 박진원; 정재훈; 최대기
2006-04Adsorption characteristics of sulfur compounds on KOH impregnated activated carbon최도영; 장성철; 안병성; 최대기
2003-06Adsorption characteristics of toluene and trichloroethylene onto activated carbon fiber박지원; 이영환; 최대기; 이상순
2002-11Adsorption conducts of nitrogen oxides on surface chemical structure changed activated carbon박지원; 이영환; Hyun-Jin Kim; 최대기
2009-04Adsorption Dynamic and Hydrogen Separation by a Three-bed PSA양세일; 정연규; 장성철; 김성현; 최대기
2002-04Adsorption dynamic behavior of H₂/CH₄ in activated carbon adsorber최병욱; 최대기; 이영환; 김성현; 이창하; 이병권