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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-05Cu films by partially ionized beam deposition for ultra large scale integration metallizationKim, KH; Jang, HG; Han, S; Jung, HJ; Koh, SK; Choi, DJ
2001-01Densification method of screen printed PZT(52/48) thick filmsKim, YB; Kim, TS; Choi, KS; Choi, DJ
2003-06Effect of structural properties on electrical properties of lanthanum oxide thin film as a gate dielectricJun, JH; Choi, DJ; Kim, KH; Oh, KY; Hwang, CJ
2005-09Effects of annealing process on dielectric properties of (Ba,Sr)TiO3 thin films grown by RF magnetron sputteringHa, JY; Choi, JW; Kang, CY; Karmanenko, SF; Yoon, SJ; Choi, DJ; Kim, HJ
2001-12Effects of thermal annealing a glass surface in airJang, HK; Whangbo, SW; Choi, YK; Jeong, K; Whang, CN; Wang, CH; Choi, DJ; Lee, S
2005-04-15Effects of ZnO on piezoelectric properties of 0.01PMW-0.41PNN-0.35PT-0.23PZ ceramics.Ha, JY; Choi, JW; Kang, CY; Choi, DJ; Kim, HJ; Yoon, SJ
2001-11Electrical properties of 3-component piezoelectric thick films by screen printing methodKim, YB; Kim, HJ; Cheon, CI; Choi, DJ; Kim, TS
1998-11Electrostatic bonding of silicon-to-ITO coated #7059 glass using Li-doped oxide interlayerJeong, JW; Ju, BK; Lee, DJ; Lee, YH; Oh, MH; Choi, DJ
2001-04Hydrophilic group formation and cell culturing on polystyrene Petri-dish modified by ion-assisted reactionKim, KH; Cho, JS; Choi, DJ; Koh, SK
2003-10Microwave dielectric properties of Bi2O3-doped Ca[(Li1/3Nb2/3)(1-x)Ti-x]O3-delta ceramicsHa, JY; Choi, JW; Yoon, SJ; Choi, DJ; Yoon, KH; Kim, HJ
2004-08-16Optical and electrical transport properties in silicon carbide nanowiresSeong, HK; Choi, HJ; Lee, SK; Lee, JI; Choi, DJ
2002-11Preparation of diffuser type micropump using screen-printed PZT-PCW thick filmsKim, YB; Kim, HJ; Cheon, CI; Choi, DJ; Kim, TS
2001-12RuO2 sputtered thin film supercapacitor's performance as function of oxygen incorporationLim, JH; Choi, DJ; Cho, WI; Yoon, YS
2001-10-01Solid-state thin-film supercapacitor with ruthenium oxide and solid electrolyte thin filmsYoon, YS; Cho, WI; Lim, JH; Choi, DJ
1999-05-15The characteristics of interfacial strains developed in silicon by wet O-2 oxidationShin, DW; You, YH; Choi, DJ; Kim, GH
2001-04The effect of input gas ratio on the growth behavior of chemical vapor deposited SiC filmsOh, JH; Oh, BJ; Choi, DJ; Kim, GH; Song, HS
2002-12-02The microstructural effect of chemically vapor infiltrated SiC whiskered thin film on the green body of SiC/C compositesLee, YJ; Hwang, SM; Choi, DJ; Park, SH; Kim, HD
1999-06-01The stacking faults and their strain effect at the Si/SiO2 interfaces of a directly bonded SOI (silicon on insulator)Shin, DW; Choi, DJ; Kim, GH
2001-03Thin film supercapacitors using a sputtered RuO2 electrodeLim, JH; Choi, DJ; Kim, HK; Cho, WI; Yoon, YS
1997-11-15Tilt-axis effect on oxidation behaviour and capacitance-voltage characteristics of (100) siliconWoo, HJ; Choi, DJ; Kim, GH