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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-02All-optical AND gate using cross-gain modulation in semiconductor optical amplifiersKim, JH; Kim, BC; Byun, YT; Jhon, YM; Lee, S; Woo, DH; Kim, SH
2002-05-15All-optical AND gate using probe and pump signals as the multiple binary points in cross phase modulationKang, BK; Kim, JH; Byun, YT; Lee, S; Jhon, YM; Woo, DH; Yang, JS; Kim, SH; Park, YH; Yu, BG
2003-04-01All-optical half adder using semiconductor optical amplifier based devicesKim, JH; Byun, YT; Jhon, YM; Lee, S; Woo, DH; Kim, SH
2004All-optical half adder using single mechanism of XGM in semiconductor optical amplifiersKim, SH; Kim, JH; Choi, JW; Son, CW; Ok, SH; Byun, YT; Jhon, YM; Lee, S; Woo, DH; Kim, SH
2000All-optical logic AND in a SOA-based Mach-Zehnder all-optical wavelength converterKang, BK; Kim, JH; Park, YH; Lee, S; Jhon, YM; Woo, DH; Kim, SH; Park, SH
2004-11All-optical logic gates using semiconductor optical-amplifier-based devices and their applicationsKim, JH; Kim, YI; Byun, YT; Jhon, YM; Lee, S; Kim, SH; Woo, DH
2002-10All-optical XOR gate using semiconductor optical amplifiers without additional input beamKim, JH; Jhon, YM; Byun, YT; Lee, S; Woo, DH; Kim, SH
1995Characteristics of excimer-laser-crystallized polysilicon films by line beam scanning methodJhon, YM; Kim, DH; Chu, H; Lee, CW; Choi, SS
1999-03-15Characteristics of the intracavity dispersion in an erbium-doped fiber laserKim, BK; Lee, JC; Jhon, YM; Kim, MW; Kim, SK; Choi, SS; Oh, MS
2003-05-15Clock recovery from 40 Gbps optical signal with optical phase-locked loop based on a terahertz optical asymmetric demultiplexerJhon, YM; Ki, HJ; Kim, SH
1997-11High stability resonator for pulsed solid state lasersChu, H; Jhon, YM; Choi, SS; Plotnikov, VM
1996-06Low temperature polycrystalline line silicon thin film transistor with silicon nitride ion stopperLee, KH; Jhon, YM; Cha, HJ; Jang, J
2002Noise characterization of a 10 GHz harmonically mode-locked fiber ring laser stabilized by cavity length controlJhon, YM; Jang, CW; Kim, JH; Byun, YT; Kim, SH
2005-04-01Photonic phase shifters based on a vector-sum technique with polarization-maintaining fibersLee, KH; Jhon, YM; Choi, WY
2002-07Polarization-independent acoustooptically tuned spectral filter with frequency shift compensationTarasov, AA; Chu, H; Jhon, YM
2004-04Pulsewidth-variable relaxation-free optical millimeter-wave generation from a semiconductor fiber ring laserJhon, YM; Choi, KS; Byun, YT; Kim, JH; Lee, S; Seo, DS
2004Realization of all-optical full adder using cross-gain modulationKim, JH; Kim, SH; Son, CW; Ok, SH; Kim, SJ; Choi, JW; Byun, YT; Jhon, YM; Lee, S; Woo, DH; Kim, SH
2005Realization of high-speed all-optical OR gate using cross-gain modulationByun, YT; Choi, KS; Jhon, YM; Woo, DH; Lee, S; Kim, SH
1999-05Relaxation-free harmonically mode-locked semiconductor-fiber ring laserKim, DH; Kim, SH; Jhon, YM; Ko, SY; Jo, JC; Choi, SS
2000-07-15Ultrahigh-speed fiber-integrated semiconductor ring laserKim, DH; Kim, SH; Jhon, YM; Byun, YT; Jo, JC; Choi, SS