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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-04Asymmetric magnetoresistance in a double magnetic barrier deviceJoo, S; Hong, J; Rhie, K; Jung, KY; Kim, KH; Kim, SU; Lee, BC; Park, WH; Shin, KH
1999-06Before- and after-domain rotation of the free layer of an FeMn based spin valveLee, JH; Park, BK; Rhie, K; Choe, G; Shin, KH
2004-07Control of the spin-orbit coupling by gate voltage in semiconductor FET structuresHong, J; Lee, J; Joo, S; Rhie, K; Lee, BC; Lee, J; An, SY; Kim, J; Shin, KH
2004-06Enhancement of magnetoresistance by geometric and intrinsic factorsLee, J; Hong, J; Rhie, K; Ahn, S; Kim, J; Lee, J; Shin, KH; Lee, BC
2005-02-01Enhancement of tunneling magneto resistance by inserting an amorphous nonmagnetic FeZr layer in magnetic tunnel junctionsJun, KI; Lee, JH; Shin, KH; Rhie, K; Lee, BC
2005-02-01Large magnetocurrents in double-barrier tunneling transistorsLee, JH; Jun, KI; Shin, KH; Park, SY; Hong, JK; Rhie, K; Lee, BC
2005-08Large magnetoresistance in square-shaped hybrid magnet-semiconductor deviceHong, J; Rhie, K; Shin, KH; Kim, KH; Kim, SU; Lee, BC
2004-06Magnetic properties of CoFe/FeZr/CoFe multilayersJun, KI; Lee, JH; Shin, KH; Rhie, K; Lee, BC
2003-09Optimization of tunneling magnetotransport and thermal properties in magnetic tunnel junctions by rapid thermal annealLee, KI; Chae, KH; Lee, JH; Ha, JG; Rhie, K; Lee, WY; Shin, KH
2004-07Rotation of the pinned direction in artificial antiferromagnetic tunnel junctions by field annealingJun, KI; Lee, JH; Shin, KH; Rhie, K; Lee, BC
2002-05-15Temperature dependence of magnetoresistance for tunnel junctions with high-power plasma-oxidized barriers: Effects of annealingLee, KI; Lee, JH; Lee, WL; Shin, KH; Sung, YB; Ha, JG; Rhie, K; Lee, BC
2002-02Temperature dependence of the tunneling magnetoresistance for tunnel junctionsLee, JH; Chang, IW; Byun, SJ; Rhie, K; Shin, KH; Lee, KI; Ha, JG; Lee, BC
2002-05-15Temperature dependence of tunneling magnetoresistance: Double-barrier versus single-barrier junctionsLee, JH; Lee, KI; Lee, WL; Shin, KH; Lee, JS; Rhie, K; Lee, BC
2002-02TMR of double spin-valve type AF/FM/I/FM/I/FM/AF magnetic tunneling junctionsLee, JH; Chang, IW; Byun, SJ; Hong, TK; Rhie, K; Lee, WY; Shin, KH; Hwang, C; Lee, SS; Lee, BC
2004-06Transport properties of metal/insulator/semiconductor tunnel junctionsLee, JH; Park, SY; Jun, KI; Shin, KH; Hong, J; Rhie, K; Lee, BC
2005-02-01X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of magnetic tunnel junctionsLee, HJ; Jeong, SY; Cho, CR; Lee, JH; Joo, SJ; Shin, KH; Lee, BC; Kim, TS; Park, JH; Kang, JS; Rhie, K