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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-07A micro-photoluminescence study of vertically stacked InAs-GaAs double-layer quantum dotsYoung Chul Choi; Tae Geun Kim; 박영민; 박용주
1995-02A novel method for the growth of high quality GaAs single crystals.박용주; 김은규; 민석기
2000-01A study of GaN characteristics affected by stress existing in N+-implanted Si(111) substrate고의관; 박용주; 김은규; 박찬수; 이석현; 이정희; 조성호
2004-04A study on growth and characterization of magentic semiconductor GaMnAs using LT-MBE박진범; 고동완; 박용주; 오형택; 신춘교; 김영미; 박일우; 변동진; 이정일
2002-11Alignment of InAs quantum dots on a controllable strain-relaxed substrate using an InAs/GaAs superlattice김광무; 박용주; 박영민; 현찬경; 김은규; 박정호
2000-11Alignment of InAs quantum dots on GaAs using the manipulation of strain fields김광무; 박용주; 박영민; 나종범; 현찬경; 김은규; 박정호
2000-04Alignment of the InAs quantum dots on GaAs using the manipulation of strain fields김광무; 박용주; 박영민; 현찬경; 김은규; 박정호
2004-03Ammonolysis of Ga2O3 and its application to the sublimation source for the growth of GaN film박용주; 오청식; 염태호; 유영문
2002-09An automated glitch-detection/restoration method of atomic force microscope imagesChankyeong Hyon; Sangwook Oh; Hyungkwon Kim; Sanghoon Sull; Sungwoo Hwang; Doyeol Ahn; 박용주; Eunkyu Kim
2009-12Analysis of current-voltage characteristics of Fe/MgO/GaAs junctions using self-consistent field modeling박용주; M.C.Hickey; M.J.Van Veenhuizen; 장준연; D.Heiman; J.S.Moodera
2002-08Analytic model for photo-response of p-channel MODFET's김회종; 한일기; 최원준; 박용주; 조운조; 김동명; Jacques Zimmermann; 이정일
2003-02Analytic model for photo-response of p-channel MODFET's김회종; 한일기; 최원준; 박용주; 조운조; 이정일; 김동명; Jacques Zimmermann
1995-01Application of an axial magnetic field to vertical gradient freeze GaAs single crystal growth.박용주; 민석기; 한승호; 윤종규
2000-10Application of atomic-force-microscope direct patterning to selective positioning of InAs quantum dots on GaAs현찬경; S.C. Choi; 송상헌; 황성우; 손맹호; 안도열; 박용주; 김은규
2004-07Artificial array of InAs quantum dots on a strain-engineered superlattice김광무; 박용주; 손승훈; 이세한; 이정일; J.H. Park; S.-K. Park
1989-08Behaviour of transition metal tungsten in bulk GaAs crystal박용주; 한철원; 심광보; 박승철; 민석기
2007-01Carrier confinement and interband transition properties of InAs/GaAs quantum dots grown by using atomic layer epitaxy김지훈; 박용주; 박영민; 송진동; 이정일; 김태환
2004-07Carrier dynamics in InGaAs dots-in-a-well structure formed by atomic-layer epitaxy박영민; 박용주; 김광무; 신재철; 송진동; 이정일; 유건호
2004-09Carrier dynamics in the coupled structure of InGaAs quantum dots in a well박영민; Keon-Ho Yoo; 박용주; 김광무; 송진동; 이정일
1997-06Characteristic of Mn-centers in vertical gradient freeze-GaAs crystals by electron paramagnetic resonance박용주; 민석기; 김은규; I. W. Park; T. H. Yeom; H. Munekata; H. Kukimoto
1996-07Characteristics of a nitrogen gas-pulsed electron cyclotron resonance plasma박용주; 김은규; 민석기; K. Ozasa; P. O'Keeffe; Y. Aoyagi
2006-05Characteristics of diluted magnetic semiconductor for p-type InMnP : Zn epilayer손윤; H.C. Jeon; Y.S. Park; Sejoon Lee; Y.H. Kwon; Seung Joo Lee; D.Y. Kim; H.S. Kim; T.W. Kang; 박용주; Chong S. Yoon; Chang Kyung Kim; E.K. Kim; Yongmin Kim; Y.D. Woo
2000-09Characteristics of GaN films grown on the stress-imposed Si(lll)고의관; 박용주; 김은규; 박찬수; 이석헌; 이정희; 조성호
1998-02Characteristics of GaN micro-crystal formed by the direct reaction of NH//3 with Ga-melt박용주; 손맹호; 김은규; 민석기
1998-11Characteristics of GaN micro-crystals synthesized by the direct reaction of NH3 with Ga-melt박용주; 손맹호; 김은규; 민석기
2002-10Characteristics of molecular beam epitaxy-grown GaFeAs박용주; H. T. Oh; C. J. Park; H. Y. Cho; Y. Shon; E. K. Kim; R. Morkya; H. Munekata
2001-11Characteristics of molecular beam epitaxy-grown GaFeAs박용주; H.T.Oh; E.K.Kim; C.J.Park; H.Y.Cho; Moria; H.Munekata
1995-03Characteristics of Ru and RuO₂ schottky contacts on hydrogenated N-type GaAs.박용주; 김은규; 이종근; 최원철; 민석기
1998-01Characterization of the nitrided GaAs thin layers after rapid thermal annealing by using raman scattering.고의관; 박용주; 김은규; 조성호
2006-07Clarification of Mn-Zn interaction for InMnP:Zn epilayer by photoluminescence and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy손윤; 이세준; 전희창; 이승웅; D.Y. Kim; 강태원; 김은규; Chong S. Yoon; C.K. Kim; 박용주; Jeoung Ju Lee