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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-04Quantum-Dot Light-Emitting Diodes with Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanodot Hole Transport and Electronic Energy Transfer Layer최원국; 박영란; 정후영; 서영수; 홍영준
2014-02Quantum-dot sensitized metal oxide semiconductor hybrid phototransistor for near infrared detection황도경; 이희성; 이윤재; 최원국; 임성일
2013-12Quantum-dot sensitized metal oxide semiconductor hybrid phototransistor for near infrared detection황도경; 이희성; 이윤재; 김홍희; 노영수; 이준영; 남승희; 임성일; 최원국
2020-08Rapid Defrost Transparent Thin-Film Heater with Flexibility and Chemical Stability최지원; 최원국; Narendra Singh Parmar; 장주희
1988-05RBS/channeling studies on the heteroepitaxially grown Y2O3 film on Si(100)김효배; M.H. Cho; S.W. Whangbo; C.N. Whang; S.C. Choi; 최원국; 송종한; S.O. Kim
1998-04Reactive ion (N₂+) beam pretreatment of sapphire for GaN growth변동진; 정재식; 김현정; 고석근; 최원국; 박달근; 금동화
1997-01Reactive ion (N₂+) beam treatment of sapphire for GaN deposition금동화; 변동진; 정재식; 김병호; 고석근; 최원국; 박달근
2020-04Realization of Excitation Wavelength Independent Blue Emission of ZnO Quantum Dots with Intrinsic Defects최원국; 김홍희; 이연주; 이윤재; 정준경; 이연진; 박철민; 임상엽; Basavarj Angadi; 고금진; 강재욱
2001-11Reduction of defects in GaN on reactive ion beam treated sapphire by annealing변동진; 진정근; 조성찬; 김주성; 이상진; 홍창희; 김긍호; 최원국
1999-01Relation between hydrophilicity and cell culturing on polystyrene petri dish modified by ion-assisted reaction최성창; 최원국; 정형진; 박정규; 정봉철; 유영숙; 고석근
1997-01Relation between hydrophilicity and cell culturing on polystyrene petri-dish modified by ion assisted reaction고석근; 최원국; S. C. Choi; Y. S. Yoon; B. C. Chung; J. G. Park
2019-02Resistive switching functional quantum-dot light-emitting diodes최원국; 박영란; 홍영준
1998-09Sapphire surface modified by reactive ion beam변동진; 김현정; 김주성; 고석근; 최원국; 박달근; 금동화
2020-09Self-defect-passivation by Br-enrichment in FA-doped ­Cs1-xFAxPbBr3 quantum dots: towards high-performance quantum dot light-emitting diodes최원국; 김홍희; 박영란; 엄상원; 강영종
1989-01Silicon thin film and p-n junction diode made by CO2 laser-induced CVD method최원국; 정광호; 김웅
2008-10Single active-layer structured dual-function devices using hybrid polymer-quantum dots손동익; 박동희; 이상엽; 최원국; 최지원; Fushan Li; 김태환
2006-12Single phase formation of Co implanted ZnO thin films by swift heavy ion irradiation: Optical studiesR. Kumar; F. Singh; B. Angadi; 최지원; 최원국; 정광호; 송종한; M. Wasi Khan; J.P. Srivastava; A. Kumar; R.P. Tandon
2014-04SiOXNY Encapsulation film Fabricated by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition진창규; 황도경; 김태환; 최원국
2009-09Solubility of Co clusters in Co-implanted ZnO thin films by 200 MeV Ag15+ ions irradiationKhan, M. Wasi; Kumar, Ravi; Khan, M. A. Majeed; Angadi, Basavaraj; Jung, Y. S; 최원국; Srivastava, J. P.
2014-07Solution-Processed Inverted R,G,B and White Quantum Dots Light-Emitting Diode Using Polythylenimine Ethoylated Surface modification김홍희; 손동익; 황도경; 박철민; 최원국
2011-11Solution-processed Light-Emitting Diode utilizing hybrid polymer and Red-Green-Blue quantum dots손동익; 권병욱; 박동희; 양정도; 최원국
2015-04Solution-processed quantum dot light-emitting diodes with PANI:PSS hole-transport interlayersYoung Ran Park; Ji Hoon Doh; Koo Shin; Young Soo Seo; Yun Seok Kim; Soo Young Kim; 최원국; Young Joon Hong
2012-10Solution-Processed White Light-Emitting Diode Utilizing Hybrid Polymer and Red-Green-Blue Quantum Dots권병욱; 손동익; 박동희; 최헌진; 최원국
2013-11Split-second Annealing of Poly(3-hexylthiophene):Fullerene Derivative Thin-Films via Intense Pulsed White Light for Efficient Polymer Solar Cells양희연; 홍재민; 김태환; 송용원; 최원국; 임정아
2014-02Split-Second Nanostructure Control of a Polymer:Fullerene Photoactive Layer using Intensely Pulsed White Light for Highly Effcient Production of Polymer Solar Cells양희연; 홍재민; 김태환; 송용원; 최원국; 임정아
2014-04Split-Second Nanostructure Control of Functional Nanocomposites via Intensely Pulsed White-Light for Highly Efficient Production of Flexible Energy Devices임정아; 송용원; 홍재민; 최원국
2014-02Structural and Electrical properties of Fluorine-doped Zinc Tin Oxide Thin Films Prepared by Radio-Frequency Magnetron Sputtering리나 팬디; 조세희; 황도경; 최원국
2014-06Structural and electrical properties of fluorine-doped zinc tin oxide thin films prepared by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering리나 팬디; 조세희; 황도경; 최원국
2004-02Structural and Electrical properties of WOx Thin Films Deposited by Direct Current Reactive Sputtering for NOx Gas Sensor윤영수; 김태송; 최원국
2007-08Structural and optical properties of ZnO thin films grown on flexible polyimide substratesDONG ICK SON; JUNG WOOK LEE; DEA UK LEE; TAE WHAN KIM; 최원국