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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-01The behavior of surface adsorbed Pd activation layer on SnOx thin film with temperature in CH4 sensing조정; 최원국; 고석근; J. S. Cho; Y. S. Yoon; 정형진; K. D. Kim; J. S. Jeon; D. Choi
1997-01The characterization of undoped SnOx thin film grown by reactive ion-assisted deposition최원국; 조준식; 송석근; 정형진; 고석근; 윤기현; Myeon Chang Sung; Choong Man Lee; Kwangho Jeong
1997-01The control of stoichiometry and crystallinity of SnOx thin films applied for chemical sensor element최원국; 조정; 고석근; J. S. Cho; Y. S. Yoon; 정형진
2009-02The creation of sub-10 nm In(PO3)3 nanocrystals in an insulating matrix, and underlying formation mechanisms육종민; 김태환; 이정용; 노영수; 김동훈; 최원국; 진성호
2010-08The effect of heat-treatment on ZnCo2O4 ceramics for p-type TFT이칠형; 최원국; 이전국; 최두진; 오영제
1999-01The effect of initial Pd catalyst oxidation state on CH4 sensitivity of SnO2 thin film sensor최원국; 조정; 조준식; 송재훈; 정형진; 고석근
2004-06The effect of ZnO homo-buffer layer on ZnO thin films grwon on c-Al2O3(0001) by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy정연식; 노영수; 김진상; 최원국
2008-07The formation mechanism of periodic Zn nanocrystal arrays embedded in an amorphous layer by rapid electron beam irradiationJW Shin; JY Lee; 노영수; 김태환; 최원국; S Jin
2000-04The grain size effects on the photoluminescence of ZnO/α-AI2O3 grown by Radio-Frequency magnetron sputtering김경국; 송재훈; 정형진; 최원국; 박성주; 송종한
1997-01The growth of tin oxide films by reactive ion-assisted deposition최원국; J.S. Cho; H.G. Jang; 정형진
1996-01The improvement of mechanical properties of aluminum nitride and alumina by 1 keV Ar+ ion irradiation in reactive gas environment고석근; 손용배; 감직상; C. J. Kim; 최원국; 정형진
1998-03The mathematical simulation of excitation processes in Xenon low pressure plasmaG.E. Bougrov; E.A. Kralkina; T.B. Antonova; 최원국; 정형진; 고석근; S.G. Kondranine
1999-01The optical and crystalline structure properties of ZnO thin films grown by RF magnetron sputtering김경국; 박성주; 송종한; 정형진; 최원국
1998-08The sensitivity of ultra thin pd-doped SnO2 gas sensor fabricated by ion-assisted deposition for methane gas조정; 조준식; 윤기현; 김현주; 최원국; 정형진; 고석근
1998-07The study of charge transport of ion-implanted polyanilines주진수; 최민호; 최원국; 이화섭; 이성주
1993-01The study on thin film fabrication using UHV-LCVD system (I)최원국; 윤덕주; 공병인; 김창현; 황정남; 정광호
2014-08Theoretical investigation on the electronic and charge transport characteristics of push-pull molecules for organic photovoltaic cells이원복; 이연진; 조상원; 최원국
1997-01Thermal stability of Cu films on TiN/Ti/Si(100) by partially ionized beam deposition장홍규; 최원국; 고석근; K. H. Kim; D. J. Choi; S. Han; S. C. Choi; 정형진
2019-10Thermally conductive adhesives from covalent-bonding of reduced graphene oxide to acrylic copolymer최원국; Minh Canh Vu; Young Han Bae; Min Ji Yu; Md. Akhtarul Islam; Sung-Ryong Kim
1994-01Thermally-induced atomic mixing at the interface of Cu and polyimide고석근; 최원국; 송석균; Kook D. Pae; 정형진
2022-02Thin film encapsulation for quantum dot lightemitting diodes using a-SiNx:H/SiOxNy/hybrid SiOx barriers최원국; 김홍희; 임근용; 노지현; 탁소현; 유재웅
1998-12Thin film growth and surface modification by keV ion beam최성창; 박용욱; 최원국; 김기환; 조준식; 한성; 조정; 정선; 한영건; 유병국; 정형진; 고석근
2009-06Thin film growth of multiferroic BiMn2O5 using pulsed laser ablation and its characterizationDK Shuklar; R Kumar; SK Sharma; P Thakur; RJ Choudhary; S Mollah; NB Brookes; M Knobel; 채근화; 최원국
2008-12Transformation mechanisms from metallic Zn nanocrystals to insulating ZnSiO3 nanocrystals in a SiO2 matrix due to thermal treatmentJ. M. Yuk; J. Y. Lee; Y. S. No; T. W. Kim; 최원국
2017-03Transparent high-performance SiOxNy/SiOx barrier films for organic photovoltaic cells with high durability최원국; 황도경; 이윤재; 임근용; 임주원; 진창규; 김성룡; 최병일; 김태환; 김동하
2010-06Transparent Silica Ambigels through Ternary Azeotropic Mixture오영제; 이전국; 최원국
1990-01Turbator region in wavy vortex flow.최원국; 황정남; Choong Man Lee; Hee Bong Kim; Myeon Chang Sung; Kwangho Jeong
2001-02Twinned LaAlO₃ substrate effect on epitaxially grown La-Ca-Mn-O thin film crystalline structure송재훈; 김경국; 오영제; 정형진; 송종한; 최덕균; 최원국
2005-02Two-dimensional grwoth of ZnO epitaxial films on c-Al2O3(0001) substrates with optimized growth temperature and low-temperature buffer layer by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy정연식; Oleg Kononenko; 김진상; 최원국
2017-08Two-Dimensional van der Waals Materials Based Nonvolatile Memory Field-Effect Transistors최원국; 박민철; 황도경; 이영택