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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-07FA/Cs-based mixed Pb-Sn perovskite solar cells: A review of recent advances in stability and efficiencyYadegarifard, Atefeh; Lee, Haram; Seok, Hae-Jun; Kim, Inho; Ju, Byeong-Kwon; Kim, Han -Ki; Lee, Doh-Kwon
2021-09Fabrication of Disordered Nanostructures by Nanosphere Lithography and Its Application for Ultrathin Si WafersPark, Moonchan; Cheon, Sieun; Lee, Youngseok; Kim, Inho
2017-08-04Fabrication of parabolic Si nanostructures by nanosphere lithography and its application for solar cellsCheon, See-Eun; Lee, Hyeon-seung; Choi, Jihye; Jeong, Ah Reum; Lee, Taek Sung; Jeong, Doo Seok; Lee, Kyeong-Seok; Lee, Wook-Seong; Kim, Won Mok; Lee, Heon; Kim, Inho
2012-02Fabrication of Plasmonic Nanodiscs by Photonic Nanojet LithographyKim, Jooyoung; Cho, Kyuman; Kim, Inho; Kim, Won Mok; Lee, Taek Sung; Lee, Kyeong-Seok
2020-09-15Fabrication of quasi-hexagonal Si nanostructures and its application for flexible crystalline ultrathin Si solar cellsLee, Youngseok; Woo, Yeeun; Lee, Doh-Kwon; Kim, Inho
2012-09Fiber-optic waveguide coupled surface plasmon resonance sensorAhn, Jae Heon; Seong, Tae Yeon; Kim, Won Mok; Lee, Taek Sung; Kim, Inho; Lee, Kyeong-Seok
2024-03Hardware Implementation of Network Connectivity Relationships Using 2D hBN­-Based Artificial Neuron and Synaptic DevicesJo, Yooyeon; Woo, Dong Yeon; Noh, Gichang; Park, Eunpyo; Kim Min Jee; Yong Woo Sung; Lee, Dae Kyu; Park, Jongkil; Kim, Jaewook; Jeong, YeonJoo; Lee, Suyoun; Kim, Inho; Park, Jong­Keuk; Park, Seongsik; Kwak, Joon Young
2023-01High Dynamic Range Digital Neuron Core With Time-Embedded Floating-Point ArithmeticPark, Jongkil; Jeong, YeonJoo; Kim, Jaewook; Lee, Suyoun; Kwak, Joon Young; Park, Jong-Keuk; Kim, Inho
2017-08-05Hydrodeoxygenation of guaiacol on tungstated zirconia supported Ru catalystsDwiatmoko, Adid Adep; Kim, Inho; Zhou, Lipeng; Choi, Jae-Wook; Suh, Dong Jin; Jae, Jungho; Ha, Jeong-Myeong
2016-05-01Hydrodeoxygenation of lignin-derived monomers and lignocellulose pyrolysis oil on the carbon-supported Ru catalystsDwiatmoko, Adid Adep; Zhou, Lipeng; Kim, Inho; Choi, Jae-Wook; Suh, Dong Jin; Ha, Jeong-Myeong
2016-04Inherently-Forced Tensile Strain in Nanodiamond-Derived Onion-like Carbon: Consequences in Defect-Induced Electrochemical ActivationKo, Young-Jin; Cho, Jung-Min; Kim, Inho; Jeong, Doo Seok; Lee, Kyeong-Seok; Park, Jong-Keuk; Baik, Young-Joon; Choi, Heon-Jin; Lee, Seung-Cheol; Lee, Wook-Seong
2021-12Ion beam-assisted solid phase epitaxy of SiGe and its application for analog memristorsKim, Keonhee; Kang, Dae Cheol; Jeong, Yeonjoo; Kim, Jaewook; Lee, Suyoun; Kwak, Joon Young; Park, Jongkil; Hwang, Gyu Weon; Lee, Kyeong-Seok; Ju, Byeong-Kwon; Park, Jong Keuk; Kim, Inho
2023-10Laser-Assisted Nanotexturing for Flexible Ultrathin Crystalline Si Solar CellsLee, Youngseok; Woo, Jeong-Hyun; Kim, Keonhee; Lee, Kyeong Seok; Jeong, Yeonjoo; Kim, Jaewook; Hwang, Gyu Weon; Lee, Doh-Kwon; Kim, Ju-Young; Kim, Inho
2016-05-23Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Neuron Circuit Based on Floating-Gate IntegratorKornijcuk, Vladimir; Lim, Hyungkwang; Seok, Jun Yeong; Kim, Guhyun; Kim, Seong Keun; Kim, Inho; Choi, Byung Joon; Jeong, Doo Seok
2013-12Light-induced enhancement of quantum dot photovoltaic devices with nitrogen doped titanium oxide capping layersYu, Jialin; Xia, Jilin; Kim, Inho; French, Benjamin L.; Haverinen, Hanna M.; Alford, T. L.; Jabbour, Ghassan E.
2024-06Lithography-free fabrication of a local contact interlayer for Si-based tandem solar cellsLee, Youngseok; Ul Kim, Chan; Woo, Yeeun; Kim, Won-Mok; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Kim, Dong-hwan; Lee, Doh-Kwon; Choi, Kyoung Jin; Kim, Inho
2019-01Markov Chain Hebbian Learning Algorithm With Ternary Synaptic UnitsKim, Guhyun; Kornijcuk, Vladimir; Kim, Dohun; Kim, Inho; Kim, Jaewook; Woo, Hyo Cheon; Kim, Jihun; Hwang, Cheol Seong; Jeong, Doo Seok
2018-05MEMS-Based Gas Sensor Using PdO-Decorated TiO2 Thin Film for Highly Sensitive and Selective H-2 Detection with Low Power ConsumptionKwak, Seungmin; Shim, Young-Seok; Yoo, Yong Kyoung; Lee, jin hyung; Kim, Inho; Kim, Jinseok; Lee, Kyu Hyoung; Lee, Jeong Hoon
2019-12Modified laser-fired contact process for efficient PERC solar cellsChoi, Jae Myeong; Jung, Beomsic; Park, Jong-Keuk; Kim, Won Mok; Lee, Doh-Kwon; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Lee, Taek Sung; Cho, Jea-Young; Ju, Byeong-Kwon; Kim, Inho
2017-09-28Monolithic tandem solar cells comprising electrodeposited CuInSe2 and perovskite solar cells with a nanoparticulate ZnO buffer layerJang, Yoon Hee; Lee, Jang Mi; Seo, Jung Woo; Kim, Inho; Lee, Doh-Kwon
2023-09Multifilamentary switching of Cu/SiOx memristive devices with a Ge-implanted a-Si underlayer for analog synaptic devicesKim, Keonhee; Lim, Jae Gwang; Hu, Su Man; Jeong, Yeonjoo; Kim, Jaewook; Lee, Suyoun; Kwak, Joon Young; Park, Jongkil; Hwang, Gyu Weon; Lee, Kyeong-Seok; Park, Seongsik; Lee, Wook-Seong; Ju, Byeong-Kwon; Park, Jong Keuk; Kim, Inho
2014-12Multiprotocol-induced plasticity in artificial synapsesKornijcuk, Vladimir; Kavehei, Omid; Lim, Hyungkwang; Seok, Jun Yeong; Kim, Seong Keun; Kim, Inho; Lee, Wook-Seong; Choi, Byung Joon; Jeong, Doo Seok
2013-11Novel Aspect in Grain Size Control of Nanocrystalline Diamond Film for Thin Film Waveguide Mode Resonance Sensor ApplicationLee, Hak-Joo; Lee, Kyeong-Seok; Cho, Jung-Min; Lee, Taek-Sung; Kim, Inho; Jeong, Doo Seok; Lee, Wook-Seong
2018-02Onion-like carbon as dopant/modification-free electrocatalyst for [VO](2+)/[VO2](+) redox reaction: Performance-control mechanismKo, Young-Jin; Choi, Keunsu; Kim, Jun-Yong; Kim, Inho; Jeong, Doo Seok; Choi, Heon-Jin; Mizuseki, Hiroshi; Lee, Wook-Seong
2013-07-01Optical design of transparent metal grids for plasmonic absorption enhancement in ultrathin organic solar cellsKim, Inho; Lee, Taek Seong; Jeong, Doo Seok; Lee, Wook Seong; Kim, Won Mok; Lee, Kyeong-Seok
2019-06Optimization of device design for low cost and high efficiency planar monolithic perovskite/silicon tandem solar cellsKim, Chan Ul; Yu, Jae Choul; Jung, Eui Dae; Choi, In Young; Park, Wonjin; Lee, Hyungmin; Kim, Inho; Lee, Dok-Kwon; Hong, Kuen Kee; Song, Myoung Hoon; Choi, Kyoung Jin
2019-12-27Optimization of tunable guided-mode resonance filter based on refractive index modulation of grapheneLee, Hwa-Seub; Kwak, Joon Young; Seong, Tae-Yeon; Hwang, Gyu Weon; Kim, Won Mok; Kim, Inho; Lee, Kyeong-Seok
2013-03-27Parametric study on the bimetallic waveguide coupled surface plasmon resonance sensors in comparison with other configurationsLee, Kyeong-Seok; Lee, Taek Sung; Kim, Inho; Kim, Won Mok
2015-09-21Photocurrent enhancements of organic solar cells by altering dewetting of plasmonic Ag nanoparticlesFleetham, Tyler; Choi, Jea-Young; Choi, Hyung Woo; Alford, Terry; Jeong, Doo Seok; Lee, Taek Sung; Lee, Wook Seong; Lee, Kyeong-Seok; Li, Jian; Kim, Inho
2012-05-15Plasmonic absorption enhancement in organic solar cells by nano disks in a buffer layerKim, Inho; Jeong, Doo Seok; Lee, Taek Seong; Lee, Wook Seong; Lee, Kyeong-Seok