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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-09A compliant controller dynamically updating the compliance center by contact localizationKang, S; Hwang, YK; Kim, M; Lee, C; Lee, KI
1997A compliant motion control for insertion of complex shaped objects using contactKang, SC; Hwang, YK; Kim, MS; Lee, CW; Lee, KI
2001-11Adaptive compensation control of vehicle automatic transmissions for smooth shift transients based on intelligent supervisorKim, DH; Hahn, JO; Shin, BK; Lee, KI
2004Advanced controller design and implementation of a sensorized microgripper for micromanipulationPark, JY; Kim, SM; Kim, DH; Kim, BK; Kwon, SJ; Park, JO; Lee, KI
2002-08Approximate product life cycle costing method for the conceptual product designPark, JH; Seo, KK; Wallace, D; Lee, KI
1998-06Assembly of complex shaped objects: A stiffness control with contact localizationKang, S; Kim, M; Lee, KI
2003-09Design and performance evaluation of a 3-DOF mobile microrobot for micromanipulationPark, J; Kim, DH; Kim, B; Kim, T; Lee, KI
2002-02Enhanced tunneling magnetoresistance and thermal stability of magnetic tunnel junction by rapid thermal annealLee, KI; Lee, JH; Lee, WY; Rhie, KW; Ha, JG; Kim, CS; Shin, KH
2003-09Ferromagnetic ordering of n-type (Ga,Mn)N epitaxial filmsLee, JM; Lee, KI; Chang, JY; Ham, MH; Huh, KS; Myoung, JM; Hwang, WJ; Shin, MW; Han, SH; Kim, HJ; Lee, WY
2005-10Identification and control of a sensorized microgripper for micromanipulationPark, J; Kim, S; Kim, DH; Kim, B; Kwon, SJ; Park, JO; Lee, KI
2005-06Magnetoresistance in semimetallic bismuth thin filmsJeun, MH; Lee, KI; Lee, WY; Chang, JY; Han, SH
2004-04Magnetotransport properties in semimetallic bismuth thin filmsLee, KI; Jeun, MH; Lee, JM; Chang, JY; Han, SH; Ha, JG; Lee, WY
2003-09Optimization of tunneling magnetotransport and thermal properties in magnetic tunnel junctions by rapid thermal annealLee, KI; Chae, KH; Lee, JH; Ha, JG; Rhie, K; Lee, WY; Shin, KH
2001-12-17Oxidation kinetics of tunnel barrier and its effect on exchange bias of proximity interfaceBae, SY; Shin, KH; Lee, JH; Rhie, KW; Lee, KI; Ha, JG; Wang, SX
2002-10-01Room temperature electron-mediated ferromagnetism in a diluted magnetic semiconductor: (Ga,Mn)NHuh, KS; Ham, MH; Myoung, JM; Lee, JM; Lee, KI; Chang, JY; Han, SH; Kim, HJ; Lee, WY
2002-09Room temperature ferromagnetic (Ga,Mn)N epitaxial films with low Mn concentration grown by plasma-enhanced molecular beam epitaxyPark, MC; Huh, KS; Myoung, JM; Lee, JM; Chang, JY; Lee, KI; Han, SH; Lee, WY
2005-06-06Single-crystalline diluted magnetic semiconductor GaN : Mn nanowiresChoi, HJ; Seong, HK; Chang, J; Lee, KI; Park, YJ; Kim, JJ; Lee, SK; He, RR; Kuykendall, T; Yang, PD
2003-09Smooth shift control of automatic transmissions using a robust adaptive scheme with intelligent supervisionKim, DH; Yang, KJ; Hong, KS; Hahn, JO; Lee, KI
2004-05Spin transport in a lateral spin-injection device with an FM/Si/FM junctionHwang, WJ; Lee, HJ; Lee, KI; Kim, YM; Chang, JY; Han, SH; Shin, MW; Kim, YK; Lee, WY
2004-06Spin transport in an FM/Bi/FM junctionLee, KI; Jeun, MH; Chang, JY; Han, SH; Ha, JG; Lee, WY
2005-03Spin-valve effect in an FM/Si/FM junctionLee, KI; Lee, HJ; Chang, JY; Han, SH; Kim, YK; Lee, WY
2002-05-15Temperature dependence of magnetoresistance for tunnel junctions with high-power plasma-oxidized barriers: Effects of annealingLee, KI; Lee, JH; Lee, WL; Shin, KH; Sung, YB; Ha, JG; Rhie, K; Lee, BC
2002-02Temperature dependence of the tunneling magnetoresistance for tunnel junctionsLee, JH; Chang, IW; Byun, SJ; Rhie, K; Shin, KH; Lee, KI; Ha, JG; Lee, BC
2002-05-15Temperature dependence of tunneling magnetoresistance: Double-barrier versus single-barrier junctionsLee, JH; Lee, KI; Lee, WL; Shin, KH; Lee, JS; Rhie, K; Lee, BC