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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-042단계 식각법을 이용한 실리콘 팁의 제작주병권; 오명환; 김성진; 박흥우; 박정호; 임성규
1995-062단계 식각법을 이용한 전계방출소자용 실리콘 팁의 제작주병권; 오명환; 박흥우; 김성진; 임성규; 박정호
2001-123D MEMS antenna fabrication for enhanced uncooled infrared detector박종연; 문성욱; 박정호
2003-083D MEMS antenna for IR sensor using novel UV-lithography, plastic micro machining and mesh structure bonding technique박종연; 김근태; 문성욱; 박정호
2005-023D Optical microstructure fabrication and its bonding to micro IR detector using elastomeric polymer박종연; 김근태; 신현준; 문성욱; 박정호
2004-023D-feed horn antenna-coupled microbolometer김근태; 박종연; 한용희; 강호관; 신현준; 문성욱; 박정호
1999-11A modeling of electrostatic capacitance and moving force in comb actuator for controlling a micro-optical switch채경수; 문성욱; 오명환; 박영균; 김성일; 박정호
2014-04A Neural Probe with Aligned Optical Fiber Using Fiber Guide Structure for Simultaneous Optogenetic Stimulation and Recording이부용; 김태형; 진주영; 최원석; 박성희; 정진우; 윤인찬; 박정호; 김진석
1995-01A new synthesis of a chiral ester containing phenylpyrimidine ring as liquid crystal dopant.박정호; 이용섭; 정선호; 박호군
2001-06A novel UV-LIGA process using PMER as a mold material for optical switch application채경수; 김희연; 문성욱; 한승호; 박정호
1997-01A short-period GaAs/AlGaAs quantum-wire array laser with a submicrometer current blocking layer김태근; 박경현; 김은규; 민석기; 박정호
2003-07A Study on the Fabrication a Membrane Type Micro-Actuator Using IPMC for Micro-Pump Application조성환; 이승기; 김병규; 박정호
1996-07A study on the fabrication of vertical-walled cavity and direct bonding method고창기; 주병권; 이윤희; 정성재; 이남양; 고근하; 박정호; 오명환
2006-11A study on the neural thermocouple arrays probe김광호; 이승훈; 임영근; 이병철; 박정호; 문성욱
2013-02Active control of dielectrophoretic force at nanowire electrode for ultrahigh single nanoparticle manipulation yield김진식; 이상엽; 서준교; 박정호; 신현준
2002-11Alignment of InAs quantum dots on a controllable strain-relaxed substrate using an InAs/GaAs superlattice김광무; 박용주; 박영민; 현찬경; 김은규; 박정호
2000-11Alignment of InAs quantum dots on GaAs using the manipulation of strain fields김광무; 박용주; 박영민; 나종범; 현찬경; 김은규; 박정호
2000-04Alignment of the InAs quantum dots on GaAs using the manipulation of strain fields김광무; 박용주; 박영민; 현찬경; 김은규; 박정호
2014-11All-polymer Neural Probe with Optical Waveguide for Optogenetics이부용; 김태형; 진주영; 정진우; 최원석; 박정호; 김진석
2007-04Amplification of fluorescence with packed beads to enhance the sensitivity of miniaturized detection in microfluidic chip신경식; 이성우; 한기철; 김상경; 양은경; 박정호; 주병권; 강지윤; 김태송
2018-02Amyloid Beta Detection by Faradaic Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy using Interdigitated Microelectrodes이병철; 박진수; 김혜진; 이지훈; 박정호; 김진식; 황교선
2014-07An integrated Mach-Zehnder interferometric biosensor with a silicon oxynitride waveguide by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition추성중; 김진식; 이경운; 이동호; 신현준; 박정호
2010-04An Integrated Mach-Zehnder Interferometric Sensor based on Rib Waveguides추성중; 박정호; 신현준
2012-03An Integrated Mach-Zehnder Interferometric Sensor Fabricated by Using Cr mask Extension Lithography추성중; 박정호; 이상엽; 신현준
2003-07Analysis of mechanical characteristics of the ionic polymer metal composite (IPMC) actuator using cast ion-exchange film김병규; 김병목; 유재욱; 오인환; 이승기; 차승은; 박정호
2017-09Analytical calculation and fabrication of FET-embedded capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer이병철; 박진수; 김정연; 이지훈; 배희경; 김진식; 황교선; 박정호; 최리노
2006-05Biodetection and Quantitative Analysis of Myoglobin using Higher Mode Resonance of Nanomechanical Piezoelectric Cantilever황교선; 이정훈; 천동원; 한가영; 박정호; 윤대성; 김태송
2008-06Biosensor Implementation Using an Integrated Mach-Zehnder Interferometer추성중; 이병철; 김진식; 박정호; 신현준
1997-08Calculation and interpretation of CW-FWM conversion efficiency in semiconductor optical amplifier고성윤; 김동환; 김상혁; 조재철; 박정호
2010-05Cantilever-based electronic nose system with the peptide receptor for selective detection of explosives이민혁; 김강민; 강지윤; 여운석; 박정호; 김태송; 황교선