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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-09A 2-dof gravity compensator with bevel gears조창현; 이우섭; 이진이; 강성철
2014-06A Finger-like Mechanism for End-effector of Concentric Continuum Robot김상명; 이수준; 최동은; 이우섭; 강성철; 김계리
2020-02A Needlescopic Wrist Mechanism With Articulated Motion and Kinematic Tractability for Micro Laparoscopic Surgery이우섭; 김천우; 김종우; 강성철; 조규진
2014-11A Novel Design of Active Cannula for MicroSurgery레딘프엉; 최동은; 강성철; 이우섭
2015-04A Novel Method for Estimating External Force: Simulation Study with a 4-DOF Robot Manipulator레딘프엉; 최준호; 이우섭; 강성철
2018-01A passive sit-to-stand & walk assistive device for indoor movements of the elderly강성철; 이우섭; 서승범; 김승원; 송지연
2011-04A Robot Joint with Variable Stiffness using Leaf Spring최준호; 홍성훈; 이우섭; 강성철; 김문상
2010-10A Safe Torque Limiter Based on a Leaf Spring and Cam Mechanism with Ability to Reinitialize Position이우섭; 최동은; 강성철
2009-05A Variable Stiffness Joint using Leaf Springs for Robot Manipulators최준호; 홍성훈; 이우섭; 강성철
2020-07Artificial Neural Network enabling Clinically Meaningful Biological Image Data Generation이우섭; 서승범; 김순겸; 하준형; 이도희; 백예준
2013-06Contacting Surface-Transfer Control for Reconfigurable Wall-Climbing Robot Gunryu III이우섭; Shigeo Hirose
2018-07Design and Experiment of a Passive Sit-to-Stand and Walking(STSW) Assistance Device for the Elderly강성철; 이우섭; 서승범; 김승원; 송지연
2008-04Design of a Robot Joint with Variable Stiffness최준호; 박순철; 이우섭; 강성철
2015-11Design of a static balancer for constrained joint space조창현; 이우섭
2016-07Design of a static balancer with equivalent mapping조창현; 이우섭
2013-01Design of a Static balancer with space mapping조창현; 이우섭; 강성철
2016-05Design of Manually Reconfigurable Modular Manipulator with Three Revolute Joints and Links강성철; 이우섭; 홍성훈; 최동은; 이형철
2014-12Design of Safe Joint with Variable Threshold Torque최동은; 이우섭; 홍성훈; 강성철; 이형철; 조창현
2007-11Design of the Safe and Speedy Robot Arm with Variable Stiffness Joint최준호; 이우섭; 김만경; 강성철
2016-03Design of Variable Release Torque-based Compliance Spring-clutch and Torque Estimation석주신; 이우섭; 강성철
2014-09Design of Variable Release Torque-based Compliant Spring-clutch and Torque Estimation석주신; 강성철; 이우섭
2021-01Development and preclinical trials of a surgical robot system for endoscopic endonasal transsphenoidal surgery강성철; 이우섭; 김계리; 최동은; 김선호
2017-11Development of a Passive Standng-up Assistance Device for the Elderly강성철; 이우섭; 김승원; 송지연; 최동은; 배강태
2013-10Development of a Safe Manipulator using Spring-Clutches홍성훈; 최준호; 이우섭; 강성철; Hyeongcheol Lee
2017-02Development of a Weight Compensational Passive Sit-to-Stand Assist Device for the Elderly강성철; 이우섭; 김승원; 배강태; 송지연; 최동은
2013-09Development of End-effector with High-curvature on Active Cannula for Micro Surgery이수준; 김상명; 최태영; 김수현; 이우섭; 강성철; 김계리
2020-06Development of the Gripper for the handwheel and the knob이우섭; 안병철; 최동은; 이수철
2019-01Development of Vibrotactile Pedestal With Multiple Actuators and Application of Haptic Illusions for Information Delivery강성철; 이우섭; 양기훈
2019-03Effect of silver coated gear train in space vehicle under ultra-high vacuum of 10-7 torr이전국; 이용복; 이우섭; 곽원일
2016-10Expeditious Design Optimization of a Concentric Tube Robot with a Heat-shrink Plastic Tube강성철; 이득희; 이우섭; 김계리; 노건우; 윤시엽; 윤성