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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03A review of challenges and issues concerning interfaces for all-solid-state batteries정경윤; 정훈기; 임희대; 박재호; 정지원; 김준태; 신현지; 남경완
2006-04Additive assay for the repeated measurements of immunosensor without regeneration step정지원; 김상두; Bernhardt R; 변재철
2021-11Anionic three-dimensional porous aromatic framework for fast Li-ion conduction정경윤; 임희대; 이성수; 정지원; Janghyuk Moon; Mansu Kim; Vinishiya Amarasinghe; Dongmok Whang
2020-10Binder-assisted electrostatic spray deposition of LiCoO2 and graphite films on coplanar interdigitated electrodes for flexible/wearable lithium-ion batteries정경윤; 민병철; 정지원; 박희겸; 이수찬; 전성찬
1998-07Electrostatic bonding between two ITO-coated glass for FED tubeless packaging applications주병권; 이덕중; 정지원; 이윤희; 이남양; 한정인; 조경익; 오명환
1998-11Electrostatic bonding of silicon-to-ITO coated #7059 glass using Li-doped oxide interlayer정지원; 주병권; 이덕중; 이윤희; 오명환; 최두진
2014-11Enhanced biocompatibility and bioadhesiveness of biodegradable polydioxane stents coated with hyaluronic acid-dopamine conjugates정지원; 이유진; 안동준; 정윤기; 한동근
2009-01Escherichia coli with autodisplayed Z-domain of protein A for signal amplification of SPR biosensorJoachim Jose; 정지원; Byoung-Jin Jeon; Ruth Maria Maas; 남창훈; 변재철
1997-12Experimental analysis on the anodic bonding with an evaporated glass layer최우범; 주병권; 이윤희; 정지원; M. R. Haskard; 이남양; 성만영; 오명환
1998-11FED Tubeless packaging by vacuum-electrostatic bonding주병권; 이덕중; 정지원; 안준호; 김훈; 오명환
2018-09Few­Layered WS2 Nanoplates Confined in Co, N­Doped Hollow Carbon Nanocages: Abundant WS2 Edges for Highly Sensitive Gas Sensors장지수; 구원태; 차준회; 정지원; 최선진; 김동하; 김일두
1998-09Glass-to glass wafer anodic bonding and its application to FEA/FED micro-packaging주병권; 이덕중; 정지원; 오명환; 정성재; 이남양; 고영욱; 이충훈; 한정인; 조경익; 최두진
1997-01Glass-to-glass bonding for tubeless packaging of field emission display주병권; 최우범; 이덕중; 정지원; 정성재; 이남양; 조경익; 유형준; 한정인; 오명환
2005-11Gold-film array-electrode for electrochemical ELISA김상두; 정지원; J.T. Kim; H. Krause; 변재철
2021-07Hierarchically assembled cobalt oxynitride and N-doped carbon nanofiber hybrids for efficient bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysis with exceptional regenerative efficiency채근화; 김형준; 김진영; 박현서; 김종민; 임아연; 이경아; 김승훈; 채지언; 김준; 황창규; 윤기로; 정지원; 조수호; Jitendra Pal Singh; 신기현; 문병무; 함형철; 김일두
2012-10High density plasma reactive ion etching of CoFeB magnetic thin films using a CH4/Ar plasma김은호; 이태영; 민병철; 정지원
2006-11Immunosensor with a controlled orientation of antibodies by using NeutrAvidin-protein A complex at immunoaffinity layer정지원; 박정민; R. Bernhardt; 변재철
2021-09In-situ Raman spectroscopy of all-solid-state battery materials정경윤; 천동원; 김지영; 정지원
1998-05In-situ vacuum packaging method for FEDs in ultra-high-vacuum chamber최우범; 주병권; 이윤희; 정지원; 오명환; 정성재; 이남양; 한정인; 조경익; 성만영
2015-09Inductively coupled plasma reactive ion etching of CoFeB magnetic thin films in a CH3COOH/Ar gas mixtureA. A. Garay; 황수민; 최지현; 민병철; 정지원
2022-01Lithium Argyrodite Sulfide Electrolytes with High Ionic Conductivity and Air Stability for All-Solid-State Li-Ion Batteries김형철; 정경윤; 류승호; 정훈기; 정지원; 이용흠; 김민곤; 이호준; 한다슬; 육종민; 남경완
2006-09Nanometer-sized etching of magnetic tunnel junction stack for magnetic random access memory박익현; 민수련; 박왕현; 신경호; 정지원
1997-01New packaging method of field emission display using silicon-to-ITO coated glass bonding정지원; 주병권; 최우범; 이덕중; 이윤희; 이남양; Seong Jae Jung; 최두진; 오명환
1999-01Novel bonding technology for hermetically sealed silicon micropackage.이덕중; 주병권; 최우범; 정지원; 이윤희; 장진; 이광배; 오명환
1998-04Patterning 된 전극을 이용한 4 인치 Glass-to-Silicon wafer 의 정전 열 접합 .이덕중; 주병권; 이윤희; 정지원; 장진; 오명환
2014-04Preparation and characterization of anti-platelet drug coated Co-Cr suvstrates for prevention of in-stent restenosis정지원; 한동근
2013-09Preparation and characterization of antiplatelet drug coated Co-Cr substrates for prevention of in-stent restenosis정지원; 이유진; 안동준; 한동근
2014-03Preparation and characterization of antiplatelet drugs coated Co-Cr substrates for prevention of thrombosis정지원; 이유진; 정윤기; 안동준; 한동근
2018-01Pt nanoparticles functionalized tungsten oxynitride hybrid chemiresistor: Low-temperature NO2 sensing장지수; 김동하; 정지원; 최선진; 구원태; 김일두
2006-04Sequential analysis of multiple analytes using a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biosensor정지원; R. Bernhardt; 변재철