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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-102009 IARP Workshop on Service Robotics and NanoroboticsKim, Do ik
2010-073차원 깊이지도 활용을 위한 인간형 로봇 시스템 설계Kim, Do ik
2012-05A Grasp Strategy with the Geometric Centroid of a Groped Object Shape Derived from Contact SpotsKim, Do ik
2014-09A Real-time Motion Data Reduction and Restoration Compatible with Robot's Physical LimitsKim, Do ik
2009-12A Walking Motion Imitation Framework of a Humanoid Robot by Human Walking Recognition from IMU Motion DataKim, Do ik
2009-10A Walking Pattern Generation Method with Feedback and Feedforward Control for Humanoid RobotsKim, Do ik
2022-06-23An analytic Approach of Formulating a Homogeneous Jacobian for Parallel Manipulators with Mixed DoFSirag Hassen, Nigatu; Kim, Do ik
2006-11An Analytical Method to Generate Walking Pattern of Humanoid RobotKim, Do ik
2011-11Comparison of Plane Extraction Performance using Laser Scanner and KinectKim, Do ik
2012-08Design and Implementation of IMU-based Human Arm Motion Capture SystemKim, Do ik
2013-10Detachable Tactile Sensor Skin Module for Robotic ApplicationsKim, Do ik
2012-10Development of a Low Cost Anthropomorphic Robot Hand with High CapabilityKim, Do ik
2023-10-18Dimensionally Homogeneous Jacobian using Extended Selection Matrix for Performance Evaluation and Optimization of Parallel ManipulatorsSirag Hassen, Nigatu; Kim, Do ik
2012-08Faster and Smoother Trajectory Generation considering Physical System Limits under Discontinuously Assigned Target AnglesKim, Do ik
2023-10-04Heterogeneous Robot-Assisted Services in Isolation Wards: A System Development and Usability StudyKwon Youngsun; Shin Soyeon; Yang, Kyon-Mo; Park, Seongah; Shin Soomin; Jeon, Hwawoo; Kim, Kijung; Yun, Guhnoo; Park, Sang Yong; Byun, Jeewon; Kang, Sang Hoon; Song, Kyoung-Ho; Kim, Do ik; Kim, Dong Hwan; Seo, Kap-Ho; Kwak, Sona; Lim, Yoon seob
2011-11Human Localization based on the fusion of Vision and Sound SystemKim, Do ik
2010-09IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (ROMAN 2010)Kim, Do ik
2011-11Implementation of an inertial measurement unit based motion capture systemKim, Do ik
2010-10International Conference on Advanced Mechatronics 2010Kim, Do ik
2010-07Matlab을 활용한 레이저 스캐너 측정장치 구현Kim, Do ik
2011-12New Robotic Motion Generation using Digital Convolution with Physical System LimitationKim, Do ik
2010-10Online Footprint Imitation of a Humanoid Robot by Walking Motion ParameterizationKim, Do ik
2011-12Problem Solving and Learning for a Humanoid RobotKim, Do ik
2011-08Quaternion-Based Orientation Estimation with Static Error ReductionKim, Do ik
2011-05Robotic Arm Control Inspired by Human Muscle Tension Effect under the GravityKim, Do ik
2008-10Robust Speaker Localization System for a Humanoid Robot in Noise and Reverberation EnvironmentsKim, Do ik
2008-08Speaker Localization Using the TDOA-based Feature Matrix for a Humanoid RobotKim, Do ik
2011-08Stair Boundary Extraction using the 2D Laser ScannerKim, Do ik
2022-06-24T-메커니즘을 통한 험지 이동 로봇 탑재부의 2자유도 자가 균형Choi, Yunho; Park, Sang Yong; Kim, Do ik
2010-12The Realization of a Real-time Distributed Control Systems using IEEE-1394 for Humanoid RobotKim, Do ik