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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-09A magnetization behavior of giant magnetostrictive amorphous Sm-Fe thin filmsSeong, YH; Kim, KS; Yu, SC; Lim, SH
1998-05A multifunctional repeated motif is present in human bifunctional tRNA synthetaseRho, SB; Lee, JS; Jeong, EJ; Kim, KS; Kim, YG; Kim, S
2005-01-24A semisynthesis of isepamicin by fragmentation methodMoon, MS; Jun, SJ; Lee, SH; Cheong, CS; Kim, KS; Lee, BS
2006-01A simulation approach for production-distribution planning with consideration given to replenishment policiesLim, SJ; Jeong, SJ; Kim, KS; Park, MW
2000-06A thioredoxin from the hyperthermophilic archaeon Methanococcus jannaschii has a glutaredoxin-like fold but thioredoxin-like activitiesLee, DY; Ahn, BY; Kim, KS
2000-06Application of electrostatic bonding to field emission display vacuum packagingLee, DJ; Lee, NY; Jung, SJ; Kim, KS; Lee, YH; Jang, J; Ju, BK
2002-11-27Assembling phenomena of calix[4]hydroquinone nanotube bundles by one-dimensional short hydrogen bonding and displaced pi-pi stackingKim, KS; Suh, SB; Kim, JC; Hong, BH; Lee, EC; Yun, S; Tarakeshwar, P; Lee, JY; Kim, Y; Ihm, H; Kim, HG; Lee, JW; Kim, JK; Lee, HM; Kim, D; Cui, CZ; Youn, SJ; Chung, HY; Choi, HS; Lee, CW; Cho, SJ; Jeong, S; Cho, JH
1999-10Backbone dynamics of the human CC chemokine eotaxin: Fast motions, slow motions, and implications for receptor bindingCrump, MP; Spyracopoulos, L; Lavigne, P; Kim, KS; Clark-Lewis, I; Sykes, BD
1996-05Bisethylacetoacetato Cu(II) as a novel metal-organic precursor for Cu film production by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition toward ultra-large-scale integration metallizationHwang, ST; Shim, I; Lee, KO; Kim, KS; Kim, JH; Choi, GJ; Cho, YS; Choi, H
2002-02Characteristics of bit pattern written by a planar-type headKim, KS; Lee, CE; Lim, SH; Takano, H; Yoshida, K
2004-09-01Construction of bacterial artificial chromosome library from electrochemical microorganismsBack, JH; Kim, MS; Cho, H; Chang, IS; Lee, JY; Kim, KS; Kim, BH; Park, YI; Han, YS
2000-03Death effector domain of a mammalian apoptosis mediator, FADD, induces bacterial cell deathLee, SW; Ko, YG; Bang, S; Kim, KS; Kim, S
2002-09Design optimization of planar-type write head for high-density magnetic recordingKim, KS; Lee, CE; Lim, SH
2001-07Effect of an extract of the root of Scutellaria baicalensis and its flavonoids on aflatoxin B-1 oxidizing cytochrome P450 enzymesKim, BR; Kim, DH; Park, R; Kwon, KB; Ryu, DG; Kim, YC; Kim, NY; Jeong, S; Kang, BK; Kim, KS
2003-09Effects of the aspect ratio of a word line on the self-field in the presence of a keeper layerKim, KS; Lee, CE; Lim, SH
2004-06Effects of the perpendicular component of write field on longitudinal magnetic recordingKim, KS; Lee, CE; Lim, SH
2004-05-03Electrochemical and structural characteristics of metal oxide-coated lithium manganese oxide (spinel type) Part I. In the range of 2.5-4.2 VLee, SW; Kim, KS; Moon, HS; Lee, JP; Kim, HJ; Cho, BW; Cho, W; Park, JW
2004-02-16Electrochemical characteristics of Al2O3-coated lithium manganese spinel as a cathode material for a lithium secondary batteryLee, SW; Kim, KS; Moon, HS; Kim, HJ; Cho, BW; Cho, WI; Ju, JB; Park, JW
2004-05-03Electrochemical characteristics of metal oxide-coated lithium manganese oxide (spinel type) Part II. In the range of 3.0-4.4 VLee, SW; Kim, KS; Lee, KL; Moon, HS; Kim, HJ; Cho, BW; Cho, WI; Park, JW
2004-04-22Electrochemical properties of Li-Cr-Mn-O cathode materials for lithium secondary batteriesKim, KS; Lee, SW; Moon, HS; Kim, HJ; Cho, BW; Cho, WI; Choi, JB; Park, JW
2003-05Endonuclease IV enhances base excision repair of endonuclease III from Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicumBack, JH; Chung, JH; Park, YI; Kim, KS; Han, YS
2001-07-30Enzymatic kinetic resolution of ketorolacKim, YH; Cheong, CS; Lee, SH; Kim, KS
2004-02Eotaxin and monocyte chemotactic protein-3 use different modes of actionChung, IY; Kim, YH; Choi, MK; Noh, YJ; Park, CS; Kwon, DY; Lee, DY; Lee, YS; Chang, HS; Kim, KS
2002-11Eotaxin induces migration of RBL-2H3 mast cells via a Rac-ERK-dependent pathwayWoo, CH; Jeong, DT; Yoon, SB; Kim, KS; Chung, IY; Saeki, T; Kim, JH
2000-11Fas- and tumor necrosis factor-mediated apoptosis uses the same binding surface of FADD to trigger signal transduction - A typical model for convergent signal transductionBang, S; Jeong, EJ; Kim, IK; Jung, YK; Kim, KS
2004-04Helix stability confers salt resistance upon helical antimicrobial peptidesPark, IY; Cho, JH; Kim, KS; Kim, YB; Kim, MS; Kim, SC
2006-03Hybrid approach to distribution planning reflecting a stochastic supply chainLim, SJ; Jeong, SJ; Kim, KS; Park, MW
2003-03-06In vitro cellular interaction and absorption of dispersed cubic particlesUm, JY; Chung, HS; Kim, KS; Kwon, IC; Jeong, SY
2000-11Indium-mediated reductive dehalogenation of alpha-halocarbonyl compounds in waterPARK, LEEYOUNG; KEUM, GYO CHANG; Kang, Soon Bang; Kim, KS; Kim, You Seung
2002-02Influence of reaction conditions on sol-precipitation process producing silicon oxide particlesKim, KS; Kim, JK; Kim, WS