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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-01Kinematic calibration of a humanoid robot CENTAUR최종도; 강성철; 김문상; 박상민; 송재복
2008-05Learning Robot Stiffness for Contact Tasks Using the Natural Actor-Critic김병찬; 강병덕; 박신석; 강성철
2005-09Macro-Micro Manipulator with Visual Tracking and its application to Wheel Asembly조창현; 강성철; 김문상; 송재복
2010-10Manipulability-Based Variable Damping Control in Robotic Manipulation전창묵; Le Dihn-Phong; 김병찬; 강성철
2010-10MCL-based Global Localization of Cleaning Robot Using Fast Rotation-Invariant Corner Matching Method권태범; 송재복; 강성철
2013-10Mechanical Characteristic Tuning of Nitinol Tube using Laser Patterning이대영; 김지석; 김계리; 강성철; 조규진
2008-09Micro Hydraulic System Using Slim Artificial Muscles for a Wearable Haptic Glove류동석; 문경원; 남형도; 이용권; 전창묵; 강성철; 송재복
2003-03Microstructure control of tungsten film for bragg reflectors of thin film bulk acoustic wave resonators.강성철; 이시형; 박종완; 이전국
2012-09Mine Detecting Robot System서승범; 최준호; 조창현; 진연섭; 현승엽; 강성철
2020-07ModMan: An Advanced Reconfigurable Manipulator System With Genderless Connector and Automatic Kinematic Modeling Algorithm이우섭; 문대호; 하준형; 윤알찬; 강성철
2000-09Motion control of omni-directional mobile manipulator for indoor environmentK. Komoriya; K. Yokoi; 강성철; N. Miyata; H. Maekawa
2004-09Multi-modal User Interface for Teleoperation of The ROBHAZ-DT2: Field Robot System류동석; 김문상; 송재복; 강성철
2008-07Multiple Target Tracking and Forward Velocity Control for Collision Avoidance of Autonomous Mobile Robot김선도; 노치원; 강연식; 강성철; 송재복
2006-05Music-to-motion generation of a life-like character김건우; 서혜원; 정도일; 박상호; 최성일; 고희동; 강성철; 하성도
2017-06Omni-directional Power-assist-modular(PAM) Mobile Robot for Total Nursing Service System강성철; 이우섭; 김승원; 최동은; 배강태; 조창현
2009-08Optimal design of a variable stiffness joint in a robot manipulator using the response surface method유정훈; 현명욱; 최준호; 강성철; 김승종
2007-06Optimal Design of a Variable Stiffness Joint Using Permanent MagnetsM. Hyun; 유정훈; S. Hwang; 최준호; 강성철; 김승종
2007-04Outdoor Navigation of a Mobile Robot Using Differential GPS and Curb Detection김승훈; 노치원; 강성철; 박민용
2014-08Parallel guidance endoscopic optical coherence tomography system for internal diagnosis through active cannulas김수현; 문효원; 신현준; 이득희; 강성철; 김계리
1997-01Peg in hole operation in variable friction environment using hybrid position/force control in the same direction김상연; 권동수; 강성철; 김문상
2007-10Pen-Type Sensor for Surface Roughness PerceptionXianming Ye; B. Choi; 강성철; H. Choi
2007-08Pen-type Sensor for Surface Texture PerceptionXianming Ye; Byungjune Choi; Hyoukryeol Choi; 강성철
2010-10Phantom Sensation of the Fingertip and Palm for Vibrotactile Display,T-Hive양기훈; 류동석; 강성철
2015-10Position and stiffness bounding approach for geometry transparency in time delyed teleoperation박성진; 리아즈 우딘; 강성철; 류제하
2010-08Profile-based Roughness Discrimination with Pen-type Texture SensorXianming Ye; 최병준; 강성철; 최혁렬
2012-12Proximity sensing and reactive control for safe manipulation전창묵; 서찬수; 강성철
2003-10Real time stereo correspondence with occlusion using sum of absolute differenceSukjune Yoon; 박성기; 강성철; 김문상; Yoon Keun Kwak
2001-10Reduced inertial effect in damping-based posture control of mobile manipulator강성철; Kiyoshi Komoriya; Kazuhito Yokoi; Tetsuo Koutoku; Kazuo Tanie
2008-10Reliable Manipulation Using Multi-Modal Information: Handling of Objects and Door-Opening전창묵; 노치원; 이우섭; 강성철
2001-10ROBHAZ-DT : Variable configuration double-track mobile robot for hazardous environment applications조창현; 박창우; 강성철; 김문상; 이청희; 곽윤근