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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-10Near minimum-time trajectory planning for wheeled mobile robots with piecewise constant voltages최종석; 김문상; 김병국
2005-08Newton-Type Algorithms for Dynamics-Based Robot Movement Optimization이성희; 김정곤; Park, F.C; 김문상; Bobrow, J.E.
1990-01Off-line programming system for polishing sculptured surface.김문상
2011-01On the effectiveness of Robot-Assisted Language Learning이성진; 노형종; 이종훈; 이규성; 이근배; 사공성대; 김문상
2007-08Particle filter algorithm for single speaker tracking with audio-video data fusion임윤섭; 최종석; 김문상
2004-09Passivity control of a passive haptic device김범섭; 박민용; 황창순; 김문상; 조창현
2003-11Path following of the passive off-hooked trailer system이재형; 박명국; 정우진; 김문상; 송재복
1997-01Peg in hole operation in variable friction environment using hybrid position/force control in the same direction김상연; 권동수; 강성철; 김문상
2003-03Performance analysis of a 2-link haptic device with electric brakes.조창현; 김문상; 송재복
1998-10Pick and place 작업에서의 빠르고 신뢰성 있는 경로 계획조경래; 이태근; 김문상; 이종원; 송재복
2001-05PLC based coordination schemes for a multi-robot system문찬우; 이범희; 김문상
2012-07Proactive Human Search for the Designated Person with Prior Context Information in an Undiscovered Environments윤상석; 전봉진; 김대진; 김재웅; 이석한; 최문택; 김문상; 박중태; 송재복
2006-10Probabilistic Localization of Service Robot by Sensor Fusion장혜연; 최종석; 김문상
2005-10Probabilistic Localization of Service Robots using Range Image Data and Indoor GPS System장혜연; 최종석; 김문상; 박민용
2002-10Probabilistic localization of the service robot by map matching algorithm이동희; 정우진; 김문상
2007-10Probabilistic Sound Source Localization임윤섭; 최종석; 김문상
2006-10Probabilistic Speaker Localization in Noisy Environments by Audio-Visual Integration최종석; 김문상; 김현돈
2007-11Probabilistic Speaker Tracking with Audio-Video Data임윤섭; 최종석; 김문상
2003-10Real time stereo correspondence with occlusion using sum of absolute differenceSukjune Yoon; 박성기; 강성철; 김문상; Yoon Keun Kwak
2014-04Real-time Sound Localization Using Generalized Cross Correlation Based on 0.13 um CMOS Process진정동; 진승훈; 이상준; 김형순; 최종석; 김문상; 전재욱
2002-10Real-time tracking of multiple humans for mobile robot applicatio.Joonhyuk Choi; Byungsoo Park; Seok Lee; 박성기; 김문상
2010-05Receding horizon viability radius for stability of humanoid robot under external perturbation이상용; 김문상; 김종원; 최문택
2000-11Regrasp planner using look-up table조경래; 김문상; 이종원; 송재복
2000-03Regrasp planner using look-up table조경래; 김문상; 이종원; 송재복
2004-09Reliable Detection of Sound's Direction for Active Audition김현돈; 최종석; 이창훈; 김문상
2004-09Reliable Detection of Sound's Direction for Human Robot Interaction김현돈; 최종석; 김문상; 이창훈
2006-10Reliable Position Estimation Method of The Mobile Robot By Laser Scanner and Indoor GPS System장혜연; 최종석; 김문상
2004-08Reliable Sound Source Localization for Human Robot Interaction김현돈; 최종석; 이창훈; 김문상
2001-10ROBHAZ-DT : Variable configuration double-track mobile robot for hazardous environment applications조창현; 박창우; 강성철; 김문상; 이청희; 곽윤근
2006-09ROBHAZ-DT2 : Passive Double-Tracked Mobile Manipulator for Explosive Ordnance Disposal강성철; 조창현; 박창우; 이종화; 류동석; 김문상