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-(Undefined)Ju Byeong Kwon; 백경갑; SHIN KYEONG SIK; 이영석; KIM KUN SOP; LEE YUN HI; OH MYUNG HWAN
-Vacuum sealing of field-emission arrays using field-assisted bonding method이덕중; Ju Byeong Kwon; LEE YUN HI; OH MYUNG HWAN; LEE NAM YANG; 한정인; 조경익; 장진
-Vacuum packaging of field emitter array using electrostatically-bonded glass-Si-glass/glass-glass structureJu Byeong Kwon; 이덕중; 정지원; Kim Hun; 이상조; LEE NAM YANG; 장진; OH MYUNG HWAN
-MEMS-IR sensor fabrication and characterizationJu Byeong Kwon; 박흥우; 박윤권; PARK JEONG HO; 김철주; Sang-Seop Yom; SUH SANG HEE; OH MYUNG HWAN
-A study on pre-bonding mechanism of Si wafer at HF pre-treatment강경두; 박진성; 이채봉; Ju Byeong Kwon; 정귀상
-Technical improvement of FED tubeless packagingJu Byeong Kwon; 이덕중; 최우범; 정성재; LEE NAM YANG; 조경익; LEE YUN HI; 성만영; OH MYUNG HWAN
-Characterization of tubeless packaged FED by glass-to-glass anodic bonding methodD. J. Lee; Ju Byeong Kwon; OH MYUNG HWAN; LEE NAM YANG; 정성재; 김관수; 한정인; J. Jang
-Study on pre-bonding according with HF pre-treatment conditions in Si wafer direct bonding강경두; 박진성; 정수태; Ju Byeong Kwon; 정귀상
-An improved understanding of the relationship between interface roughness of ZnS:Pr,Ce phosphor-Ta//2O//5 insulating film and electrical characteristics of TFEL devicesKIM YOUNG SIK; LEE YUN HI; Ju Byeong Kwon; OH MYUNG HWAN; 성만영; 신동기
-(Undefined)Jung Jae Hoon; Ju Byeong Kwon; 고창기; 박흥우; LEE NAM YANG; 장진; OH MYUNG HWAN