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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-06(200)-predominant growth of radio-frequency sputtered SrBi//2Ta//2O//9 thin films이시형; 이전국; 윤기현
2000-04A new type thin film bulk acoustic resonator(TFR) using surface micromachining technique김현호; 이시형; 주병권; 이전국; 오명환; 김수원
2001-04A noble suspended type thin film resonator (STFR) using the SOI technology김현호; 주병권; 이윤희; 이시형; 이전국; 김수원
2000-07A study on C-axis preferred orientation of ZnO thin film at Ar/O2 gas ratios이동윤; 박용욱; 남산; 이전국; 김현재; 윤석진; 황금찬
1990-01A study on the cordierite ceramic composite dispersed with the zirconia정형진; 오영제; 이전국
2009-02A study on the fabrication and design of Ta/Al/AlOx/Al/Ta superconducting tunnel junction윤호섭; 양민규; 이전국; 박영식; 박장현
2001-07A study on the overmoded FBAR filter김희영; 서기원; 김인태; 주병권; 이전국; 김형동
2001-12Acoustic characterization of ALN films using a high overtone bulk acoustic wave resonator이시형; 김주형; 이전국; G.D. Mansfeld; S.G. Alekseev; 윤기현
2002-01AIN piezoelectric materials for wireless communication thin film components김주형; 이시형; 안진호; 이전국
2000-11AIN 압전체를 이용한 suspended 압전박막공진기의 제조주병권; 김현호; 이시형; 이전국; 오명환; 김수원
2000-12AlN-Si Thin Film Bulk Acoustic Over-moded Resonator이시형; 이전국; 김상희; 김종헌; 윤기현
2015-02An analysis of "non-lattice" oxygen concentration effect on electrical endurance characteristic in resistive switching MnOx thin filmMin Kyu Yang; Gun Hwan Kim; Hyunsu Ju; 이전국; Han-Cheol Ryu
2010-05Annealing effect on the optical and electrical characteristic of a-IGZO thin films transistor김종우; 최원국; 주병권; 이전국
2000-11Asymmetric pulsed dc sputtered AIN thin film for FBAR application김주형; 이시형; 이전국; 안진호
2005-02Asymmetric switching behavior in Cr-doped SrZrO3 perovskite thin films김달영; 양민규; 이전국; 박재완
2011-02Biopolar Resistive switching behavior in Ti/MnO2/Pt structure for nonvolatile memory devices양민규; 최선영; 이전국
2009-02Bipolar resistive switching behavior in Ti/MnO2/Pt structure for nonvolatile memory양민규; 박재완; 고태국; 이전국
2009-07Bipolar resistive switching behavior in Ti/MnO2/Pt structure for nonvolatile memory devices양민규; 박재완; 고태국; 이전국
2010-06Bipolar resistive switching behavior in Ti/MnO2/Pt structure of nonvolatile Memory Devices양민규; 이전국; 고태국
2012-04Bipolar Resistive Switching Behavior of a Pt/NiO/TiN Device for Nonvolatile Memory ApplicationsSeong, Tae-Geun; Joung, Mi-Ri; Sun, Jong-Woo; 양민규; 이전국; Ji Won Moon; Jaesung Roh; Sahn Nahm
1999-07Bismuth composition control of SrBi2TaNbO9 thin films by heat treating Bi2O3-inserted heterostructure박윤백; 이전국; 정형진; 박종완
1998-06Built-in voltages and asymmetric polarization switching in Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 thin film capacitorsJ. Lee*; C. H. Choi; B. H. Park; T. W. Noh; 이전국
2007-02Capacitance properties of nano-structure controlled alumina on polymer substrate정승원; 민형섭; 한정환; 이전국
1991-01Capacitance voltage characteristics of sol-gel derived lead titanate thin films on a silicon substrate이전국; C.H. Kim; 정형진
2014-02Carbon Nanotube/Silver Nanowire Multilayer for Low Haze Transparent Conductive Films for Flexible Touch Screen민형섭; 김상식; 최원국; 오영제; 이전국
2011-10CdSe/ZnS 양자점 전계발광소자에서 전하수송 층인 Zinc Tin Oxide의 비저항이 소자의 발광 특성에 미치는 영향윤성룡; 전민현; 이전국
1997-01Characteristics of SrBi2Ta2O9 thin films fabricated by the r.f. magnetron sputtering technique이전국; 송태권; 정형진
2007-05Characteristics of Ta based superconducting tunnel junction양민규; 고태국; 이전국
1994-01Characterization of nitrogen-doped TiO2 thin films prepared by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition이동헌; 조용수; 이월인; 이전국; 정형진
2006-12Characterization of sputter-deposited SrZrO3:Cr films on Si substrates for commercial memory device applications박재완; 박종완; 이전국