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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-01A method for independent measurement of elastic modulus ratio of diamond-like carbon films조성진; 이광렬; 은광용; 한준희; 고대홍
1999-01A method of determining the elastic properties of diamond-like carbon films조성진; 이광렬; 은광용; 정정현; 권동일
2001-08A variation of elastic modulus of very thin diamond-like carbon films with deposition condition정진원; 이광렬; 은광용; 고대홍
1992-01Annihilation of nucleation sites during diamond CVD.백영준; 은광용; Jeoung Woo Kim
1988-01Anomalous growth of the complex carbide phase in carbon-deficient WC-Co hard metal during the infiltration of eutectic liquid.박종구; 은광용; 윤덕용
1995-12Application of diamond-like carbon films for anti-abrasion and low friction properties of VCR head drums.이광렬; 은광용; Keum Mo Kim; Kye Chul Choi
1997-03BCl ₃ -NH ₃계의 플라즈마 화학증착공정을 이용한 질화붕소막의 합성백영준; 박범수; 은광용
1993-05Behaviour of Co binder phase during diamond deposition on WC-Co substrate.이광렬; 은광용; 백영준; B. S. Park; D. H. Kim
2001-10Biaxial elastic modulus of very thin diamond-like carbon (DLC) films정진원; 이철승; 고대홍; 한준희; 은광용; 이광렬
2003-05Carbon nanotube growth enhanced by nitrogen incorporation김태영; 이광렬; 은광용; 오규환
2000-05Characterization of field emission behavior from vitreous carbon안상혁; 이광렬; 은광용
1998-06Characterization of thick diamond film wafer grown by multi-cathode Direct Current (DC) Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition (PACVD)이재갑; 이욱성; 은광용; 백영준
1991-06Chemically induced migration of liquid films and grain boundaries in TiN-Ni-(TiC) alloy.백영준; 은광용
1990-01CVD 법에 의한 Diamond film 합성은광용; 백영준; 이욱성
2004-05Defect Density and Atomic Bond Structure of Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon (ta-C) Films Prepared by Filtered Vacuum Arc Process이철승; 신진국; 은광용; 이광렬; 윤기현
1991-01Densification behaviors of WC-Co hard metals during liquid phase sintering박종구; 은광용; 윤덕용
1993-01Dependence of residual stress of diamond-like carbon films on precursor gases and process parameters of RF PACVD.이광렬; 백영준; 은광용
2000-12Design of W buffer layer for adhesion improvement of DLC films on tool steels이광렬; 은광용; 김인영; 김종렬
1999-01Determination of elastic modulus and Poisson's ratio of diamond-like carbon films조성진; 이광렬; 은광용; 한준희; 고대홍
1997-01Diamond deposition by multi-cathode DC PACVD이재갑; 백영준; 이욱성; 은광용
1996-01Diamond deposition by multi-cathode DC PACVD이재갑; 이욱성; 백영준; 은광용
1994-01Diamond film synthesized by DC PACVD이재갑; 이욱성; 백영준; 은광용
1993-01Diamond-like carbon film.이광렬; 은광용
1996-01Effect of additional gas on diamond deposition by DC PACVD이재갑; 백영준; 은광용
1993-01Effect of B₂O₃ and hBN crystallinity on cBN synthesis최준엽; 강석중; O. Fukunaga; 박종구; 은광용
1998-07Effect of carbon crystallinity on the nucleation and growth of diamond under high pressure and high temperature최준엽; 은광용; 김주선; 강석중
2000-01Effect of magnetic field structure near cathode on the arc spot stability of filtered vacuum arc source of graphiteJong-Kuk Kim; 이광렬; 은광용; 정기형
2001-12Effect of NH ₃ environmental gas on the growth of aligned carbon nanotube in catalystically pyrolizing C ₂ H ₂정민재; 은광용; 백영준; 이광렬; 신진국; 김성태
1996-01Effect of polymeric debris on the tribological behavior of diamond-like carbon films은광용; 이광렬; 윤의성; 공호성
1996-03Effect of Polymeric Debris on the Tribological Behavior of Diamond-like Carbon Films은광용; 이광렬; 윤의성; 공호성