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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-073D Architecturing Strategy on the Utmost Carbon Nanotube Fiber for Ultra-High Performance Fiber-Shaped SupercapacitorKim, Jeong-Gil; Yu, Hayoung; Jung, Jae Young; Kim, Min Ji; Jeon, Dae-Young; Jeong, Hyeon Su; Kim, Nam Dong
2018-09A Simple Method for Estimation of Silicon Film Thickness in T-Gate Junction less TransistorsJeon, Dae-Young; Park, So Jeong; Mouis, Mireille; Barraud, Sylvain; Kim, Gyu-Tae; Ghibaudo, Gerard
2020-02Accurate determination of low-field mobility in tri-gate junctionless transistorsJeon, Dae-Young
2023-04Carbon nanotube fiber-based high-performance force and position sensors for smart fabrics and the Internet of thingsJeon, Dae-Young; Park, Jimin; Lee, Changwoo; Kim, Seung Min
2020-09-30Channel Length-Dependent Operation of Ambipolar Schottky-Barrier Transistors on a Single Si NanowirePark, So Jeong; Jeon, Dae-Young; Sessi, Violetta; Trommer, Jens; Heinzig, Andre; Mikolajick, Thomas; Kim, Gyu-Tae; Weber, Walter M.
2020-01-01Channel thickness-dependent mobility degradation in planar junctionless transistorsJeon, Dae-Young
2020-09Channel width dependent subthreshold operation of tri-gate junctionless transistorsJeon, Dae-Young; Mouis, Mireille; Barraud, Sylvain; Ghibaudo, Gerard
2022-06Channel-Width-Dependent Mobility Degradation in Bulk Conduction Regime of Tri-Gate Junctionless TransistorsJeon, Dae-Young; Mouis, Mireille; Barraud, Sylvain; Ghibaudo, Gerard
2022-11Contorted hexabenzocoronene derivatives as a universal organic precursor for dimension-customized carbonizationKim, Yoon-jeong; Kang, Minsung; Kim, Yang Hui; Suh, Eun-Kyung; Yang, Minseok; Cho, Se Yeon; Jeon, Dae-Young; Kim, Jeung Gon; Kim, Jungmo; Ahn, Seokhoon
2020-11Controlling the Effective Channel Thickness of Junctionless Transistors by Substrate BiasJeon, Dae-Young; Mouis, Mireille; Barraud, Sylvain; Ghibaudo, Gerard
2020-09-02Crystal Engineering of Amphiphilic Organic Dye for Metallic ColorationLim, Seok-In; Ryu, Ki-Hyun; Jeon, Dae-Young; Yang, Cheol-Min; De Sio, Luciano; Kim, Dae-Yoon; Jeong, Kwang-Un
2021-04-16Defect spectroscopy of sidewall interfaces in gate-all-around silicon nanosheet FETLee, Kookjin; Kim, Yeonsu; Lee, Hyebin; Park, Sojeong; Lee, Yongwoo; Joo, Min-Kyu; Ji, Hyunjin; Lee, Jaewoo; Chun, Jungu; Sung, Moonsoo; Cho, Young-Hoon; Kim, Doyoon; Choi, Junhee; Lee, Jae Woo; Jeon, Dae-Young; Choi, Sung-Jin; Kim, Gyu-Tae
2020-07Detection and Accurate Classification of Mixed Gases Using Machine Learning with Impedance DataLee, Kookjin; Nam, Sangjin; Kim, Hyojun; Jeon, Dae-Young; Shin, Dongha; Lim, Hyeong-Gyun; Kim, Chulmin; Kim, Doyoon; Kim, Yeonsu; Byeon, Sang-Hoon; Kim, Gyu-Tae
2022-08Dramatically enhanced ambient effects in a multi-layer MoS2 transistor with channel thickness near maximum depletion widthPark, Chang Seon; Lee, Changwoo; Jung, Won Jun; Park, Min; Lee, Dong Su; Lee, Hong Seok; Jeon, Dae-Young
2019-04-02Effect of Potassium Ions on the Formation of Mixed-Valence Manganese Oxide/Graphene NanocompositesJang, Wooree; Jeon, Dae-Young; Lee, Youn-Sik; Koo, Hye Young
2018-11-05Effects of series resistance and interface properties on the operation of AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistorsJeon, Dae-Young; Kim, Do-Kywn; Park, So Jeong; Koh, Yumin; Cho, Chu-Young; Kim, Gyu-Tae; Park, Kyung-Ho
2024-05Electrically Tunable Ideality Factor and Series Resistance of Gate-Controlled Graphene/Pentacene Schottky JunctionsLee, Tae Yoon; Kim, Yoon-Jeong; Ahn, Seokhoon; Jeon, Dae-Young
2018-07Extraction of Intrinsic Electrical Parameters in Partially Depleted MoS2 Field-Effect TransistorsJeon, Dae-Young; Lee, Dong Su; Lee, Seoung-Ki; Park, Min; Park, So Jeong; Kim, Gyu-Tae
2018-10-30High-performance nanogap electrode-based impedimetric sensor for direct DNA assaysLee, Hyunjung; Keem, Joo Oak; Cho, Hyunmin; Choi, Jong Min; Chung, Won Seok; Jeon, Dae-Young; Lee, Dong Su; Shin, Yong-Beom
2018-07Hybrid dielectrics composed of Al2O3 and phosphonic acid self-assembled monolayers for performance improvement in low voltage organic field effect transistorsJang, Sukjae; Son, Dabin; Hwang, Sunbin; Kang, Minji; Lee, Seoung-Ki; Jeon, Dae-Young; Bae, Sukang; Lee, Sang Hyun; Lee, Dong Su; Kim, Tae-Wook
2021-06Impact of Channel Length on the Operation of Junctionless Transistors With Substrate BiasingJeon, Dae-Young; Mouis, Mireille; Barraud, Sylvain; Ghibaudo, Gerard
2019-02-15Impact of fin shapes and channel doping concentrations on the operation of junctionless transistorsPark, So Jeong; Jeon, Dae-Young; Kim, Gyu-Tae
2020-11-01Impact of MWCNT concentration on the piezo-impedance response of porous MWCNT/PDMS compositesLim, Seok Ju; Lim, Hyun Su; Joo, Yongho; Jeon, Dae-Young
2017-03Impact of series resistance on the operation of junctionless transistorsJeon, Dae-Young; Park, So Jeong; Mouis, Mireille; Barraud, Sylvain; Kim, Gyu-Tae; Ghibaudo, Gerard
2017-09In-depth electrical characterization of carrier transport in ambipolar Si-NW Schottky-barrier FETsJeon, Dae-Young; Baldauf, Tim; Park, So Jeong; Weber, Walter M.; Baraban, Larysa; Cuniberti, Gianaurelio; Mikolajick, Thomas; Pregl, Sebastian
2018-09Large area thermal light emission from autonomously formed suspended graphene arraysPark, Mina; Lee, Aram; Rho, Ho Kyun; Lee, Seoung-Ki; Bae, Sukang; Jeon, Dae-Young; Lee, Dong Su; Kim, Tae-Wook; Im, Yeon-Ho; Lee, Sang Hyun
2020-03Light-sensitive charge storage medium with spironaphthooxazine molecule-polymer blends for dual-functional organic phototransistor memoryKang, Minji; Cha, An-Na; Lee, Sang-A; Lee, Seoung-Ki; Bae, Sukang; Jeon, Dae-Young; Hong, Jae-Min; Fabiano, Simone; Berggren, Magnus; Kim, Tae-Wook
2020-10-01Orientation-dependent impedance response of highly aligned carbon nanotube sheetsNam, Deukhyeon; Jung, Moonyoung; Ahn, Seung-eon; Jeon, Dae-Young
2019-04Piezo-impedance response of carbon nanotube/polydimethylsiloxane nanocompositesJeon, Dae-Young; Kim, Heeju; Lee, Min Wook; Park, So Jeong; Kim, Gyu-Tae
2023-08Printable and recyclable carbon nanotube electronics with degradable soybean oil-based polycationic substrate as gate dielectricsThi, Quyen Vu; Han, Jaeho; Park, Jimin; Kim, Sung-Soo; Jeon, Dae-Young; Joo, Yongho