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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01A beam-splitter-type 3-D endoscope for front view and front-diagonal view imagesKamiuchi H; Masamune K; Kuwana K; Dohi T; 김계리; Yamashita H; Chiba T
2014-06A Finger-like Mechanism for End-effector of Concentric Continuum Robot김상명; 이수준; 최동은; 이우섭; 강성철; 김계리
2021-04A hand-held non-robotic surgical device to compensate for wire length in unpredicted paths김계리; 김정률; 문용환; 권성일
2013-06A new optical coherence tomography system guided by active cannulas김수현; 문효원; 신현준; 이득희; 강성철; 김계리
2020-07A Novel Steerable Cannula for 360° Arthroscopic Capsular Release in Minimally Invasive Surgery김계리; 김종우; 김윤정; 조규진
2018-07A Steerable Endoscope for Transnasal Skull Base Surgery강성철; 김계리; 권성일; 류근웅
2020-10Accurate estimation of the position and shape of the rolling joint in hyper-redundant manipulators김계리; 김정률; 문용환; 권성일
2013-10Active Cannula Robot with Misorientation Auto-Recovery Camera : A Method to Improve Hand-Eye Coordination in Minimally Invasive Surgery샤오 리; 최태영; 전한용; Suhyeon Gim; 이수준; 강성철; 김계리
2013-05Active Cannulas Robot을 이용한 고연성 내시경 제어 시스템최태영; 김상명; 김수현; 강성철; 김계리
2020-07Active Endoscope Preserving Image Orientation for Endonasal Skull Base Surgery김계리; 김정률; 류근웅; 박철민
2021-02An active endoscope with small sweep volume that preserves image orientation for arthroscopic surgery김계리; 김정률; 류근웅; 박철민
2016-01Anisotropic Patterning to Reduce Instability of Concentric-Tube RobotsDae-Young Lee; Jongwoo Kim; Ji-Suk Kim; Changyeob Baek; 노건우; Do-Nyun Kim; 김계리; 강성철; Kyu-Jin Cho
2021-03Cable-movable rolling joint to expand workspace under high external load in a hyper-redundant manipulator김계리; 김정률; 문용환; 권성일
2019-05Design and Fabrication of Transformable Head Structures for Endoscopic Catheters강성철; 박경수; 김계리; 김천우; 최성화; 권성일; Sara Van Kalker; Seok Chang Ryu
2021-01Development and preclinical trials of a surgical robot system for endoscopic endonasal transsphenoidal surgery강성철; 이우섭; 김계리; 최동은; 김선호
2018-07Development and Preclinical Trials of a Wire-Driven End-Effector Device for Frozen Shoulder Treatment강성철; 김계리; 박철민; 권성일; 홍한표; 전인호; 박신석
2016-08Development of a Finger-like Mechanism of End-Effector for Micro Surgery김계리; 박철민; 김상명; 유정훈
2020-10Development of a pneumatically-driven Growing Sling to assist patient transfer김계리; 인현기; 김정률; 이승준; 이명중; 최종규
2018-10Development of an End -Effector Device for Loose Body Removal in Hip Arthroscopy김계리; 박철민; 박신석; 홍한표; 전인호
2013-09Development of End-effector with High-curvature on Active Cannula for Micro Surgery이수준; 김상명; 최태영; 김수현; 이우섭; 강성철; 김계리
2016-10Expeditious Design Optimization of a Concentric Tube Robot with a Heat-shrink Plastic Tube강성철; 이득희; 이우섭; 김계리; 노건우; 윤시엽; 윤성
2015-05FBG-based Polymer-molded Shape Sensor Integrated with Minimally Invasive Surgical Robots문효원; 정진우; 김옥철; 김계리; 이우섭; 강성철; 김진석
2014-08Fiber-Bragg-grating-based ultrathin shape sensors displaying single-channel sweeping for minimally invasive surgery문효원; 정진우; 강성철; 김계리; 송용원; 김진석
2018-07Intuitive Hand-held Instrument for Loose Body Removal in Arthroscopic Synovial Chondromatosis Surgery김계리; 박철민; 류근웅; 김동영
2013-10Mechanical Characteristic Tuning of Nitinol Tube using Laser Patterning이대영; 김지석; 김계리; 강성철; 조규진
2020-06Multicolor Fluorescence Imaging using a Single RGB-IR CMOS Sensor for Cancer Detection with smURFP-labeled probiotics이득희; 서승범; 김계리; 정학숙; 오경석; 조홍준; 지유현
2020-05Novel block mechanism for rolling joints in minimally invasive surgery김계리; 김정률; 권성일
2014-08Parallel guidance endoscopic optical coherence tomography system for internal diagnosis through active cannulas김수현; 문효원; 신현준; 이득희; 강성철; 김계리
2014-10Preliminary Study of Utilizing Plastic Tubes as a Component of Continuum Robots데니스; 노건우; 김계리; 이득희
2014-06Toward a Solution to the Snapping Problem in a Concentric-Tube Continuum Robot: Grooved Tubes with Anisotropy김지석; 이대영; 김계리; 강성철; 조규진