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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-04A method of improving dielectric constant and adhesion strength of methysilsesquioxyane by using a NH3 plasma treatment심현상; 김용태; 김동준; 전형탁; 추상현; 차국현
1997-02Characteristics of amorphous Ta-Si-N thin film for Cu metallization김동준; 정순필; 김용태; 민석기; 박종완
1999-01Characteristics of molybdenum nitride thin film by N2+ ion implantation김동준; 김익수; 김용태; 박종완
2002-01Characteristics of plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposited W-B-N thin films김동준; 심현상; 김성일; 김용태; 전형탁
1997-04Characteristics of tungsten boron nitride thin film by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition김동준; 김용태; 박종완
1994-01Comparison of amorphous and polycrystalline tungsten nitride diffusion barrier for MOCVD-Cu metallization.김용태; 권철순; 김동준; 이창우; 최인훈
2001-04Correlation between surface modification of HSQ films and phase transformation of Cu/W-N bilayers deposition on the NH3 plasma treated HSQ films김동준; 심현상; 박종완; 김용태; 김성일; 김춘근
2000-06Digital deposition of tungsten nitride thin layer by cyclic exposure of WF//6 and NH₃심현상; 김동준; 김용태; 전형탁; 박영균; 김성일
2000-01Digital deposition of tungsten nitride thin layer by sequential exposure of tung sten hexafluoride and ammonia심현상; 김동준; 김용태; 전형탁
2000-05Effect of NH3 plasma treatment on improvement of reliability of W-B-N/HSQ thin films김동준; 심현상; 김용태; 박종완
1999-03Effects of boron implantation on the structural and diffusion barrier properties of W-N thin film박영균; 김용태; 김동준; 박종완
1998-04Effects of boron on diffusion barrier characteristics of PECVD W-B-N films김동준; 김용태; 박종완
1998-03Effects of nitrogen ion implantation on the thermal stability of tungsten thin films김용태; 권철순; 김동준; 박종완; 이창우
1997-04Effects of nitrogen on preventing the crystallization of amorphous Ta-Si-N diffusion barrier김동준; 김용태; 박종완
1999-01Effects PECVD W-N diffusion barrier on thermal stress and electrical properties of Cu/W-N/SiOF multilevel interconnect김용태; 김동준; 이석형; 박영균; 김익수; 박종완
1998-03Electrical properties of a W-B-N Schottky contact to GaAs김용태; 이창우; 김동준
1998-04Enhancement of selective chemical vapor deposition of copper by nitrogen plasma pretreatment김영석; 김동준; 곽성관; 김은규; 민석기; 정동근
2000-06Enhancement of the electical and physical properties of Cu/W-N/HSQ interconnection scheme by NH₃ plasma treatment김동준; 심현상; 김용태; 김춘근; 박종완
1997-09High performance of W-B-N schottky contact to GaAs김용태; 이창우; 김동준
1999-01Improvement in diffusion barrier properties of PECVD W-N thin film by low energy BF2+ implantation김동준; 김용태; 박영균; 심현상; 박종완
2000-10Improvement in the characteristics of ammonia plasma treated MSQ(Methyl Silsesquioxane)심현상; 김동준; 김춘근; 김성일; 김용태; 전형탁
2001-03Improvement of the reliability of a Cu/W-N/SiOF Multilevel interconnect by inserting plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposited W-N thin film김동준; 심현상; 이세경; 김용태; 김성일; 박종완
1999-05N2+ implantation approaches for improving thermal stability of Cu/Mo/Si contact structure김용태; 김동준; 박종완
1997-11Nanostructured Ta-Si-N diffusion barriers for Cu metallization김동준; 김용태; 박종완
1999-07New method to prepare W-B+-N ternary barrier to Cu diffusion by implanting BF2+ ions into W-N thin film김동준; 김용태; 박종완
1998-04Reliability of Cu/W-N thin films deposited on low dielectric constant SiO:F ILD이석형; 김동준; 양성훈; 박정원; 손세일; 오경희; 김용태; 박종완
1997-10Thermal stabilities of PECVD W-B-N thin films as a diffusion barrier.김용태; 김동준; 이창우; 박종완
1999-01Thermal stability enhancement of Cu/WN/SiOF/Si multilayers by post-plasma treatment of fluorine-doped silicon dioxide이석형; 김동준; 양성훈; 박정원; 손세일; 오경희; 김용태; 김정열; 염근영; 박종완
1994-01구리확산 방지막으로서 TiW/WNx 이중층의 열적안정성에 관한 연구김용태; 김동준; 박종완; 권철순; 민석기
2021-01-25다공성 박막을 이용한 메쉬형 분무 장치 및 이의 제조방법강동현; 김동준; 박기주; 박진수; 성혜정; 심신용; 이병철