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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-04A biomimetic compliance control of robot hand by considering structures of human finger김병호; 이병주; 서일홍; 오상록; 홍예선
1997-04A closed-chain jacobian-based hybrid control of two coorperating arms with a passive joint: an application to sawing task오상록; 여희주; 서일홍; 이병주; 이범희
2014-06A comparative study on hydrogen diffusion in amorphous and crystalline metals using a molecular dynamics simulation이병문; 이병주
2000-07A compliance control method for robot hands with consideration of decoupling among fingers/joints김병호; 이병주; 서일홍; 오상록
2000-08A compliance control method for robot manipulators using nonlinear stiffness adaptation김병호; 오상록; 이병주; 서일홍
2000-10A compliance control strategy for robot manipulator under unknown environment김병호; 오상록; 서일홍; 이병주
1999-12A five-bar finger mechanism involving redundant actuators : analysis and its applications이병주; 오상록; 서일홍
2004-06A Modified Embedded Atom Method Interatomic Potential for the Cu-Ni System이병주; 심재혁
2016-04A Modified Embedded-Atom Method Interatomic Potential for Ionic Systems: 2NN MEAM-Qeq이광렬; 이은구; Baskes, Michael; 이병주
2011-09A modified embedded-atom method interatomic potential for the V-H system심재혁; 이영수; 에릭플러리; 조영환; 고원석; 이병주
2015-08A new perspective on Li-SO2 batteries for rechargeable systems임희대; 박혁준; 김형섭; 김진수; 이병주; 배영준; 권혁조; 강기석
2014-03A New Water Oxidation Catalyst : Lithium Manganese Pyrophosphate with Tunable Mn Valency박지민; 김현아; 진경석; 이병주; 박용선; 김형섭; 박인철; 양기동; 정희윤; 김종순; 홍구택; 장호원; 강기석; 남기태
2001-12A semi-empirical atomic potential for the Fe-Cr binary system이병주; 심재혁; 박현민
2014-12A semi-empirical methodology to predict hydrogen permeability in amorphous alloy membranes이병문; 심재혁; 서진유; 이병주
1999-02A single closed-loop kinematic chain approach for a hybrid control of two coorperating arms with a passive joint : an application to sawing task여희주; 서일홍; 이병주; 오상록
2000-05A study on humanoid robot hand system and real-time grasp motion control임미섭; 오상록; 손재범; 이병주; 유범재; 홍예선
2001-01A study on specifying compliance characteristics for assembly tasks using robot hands : Two dimensional model김병호; 오상록; 이병주; 서일홍
1996-05A thermodynamic study on the Ag-Sb-Sn system오창석; 심재혁; 이병주; 이동녕
1999-05An independent joint-based compliance control method for a five-bar finger mechanism via redundant actuators소병록; 이병주; 오상록; 서일홍
2018-02An interatomic potential for the Li-Co-O ternary system이광렬; 이은구; 이병주
2019-05An investigation into the factors governing the oxidation of two-dimensional Ti3C2 MXene김선준; 채윤정; 조수연; 최정훈; Kathleen Maleski; 이병주; 정희태; Yury Gogotsi; 이용희; 안치원
1996-01Analysis and control algorithms for 5-bar finger mechanism with redundant actuators이병주; 서일홍; 오상록
1997-04Analysis of a 5-bar finger mechanism having redundant actuators with applications to stiffness and frequency modulations오상록; 이병주; 서일홍
2000-10Analysis of compliance characteristic for effective multi-fingered robotic peg-in-hole task김병호; 오상록; 이병주; 서일홍; 정완균
2015-09Anomalous Jahn-Teller behavior in manganese-based mixed-phosphate cathode for sodium ion batteries임희대; 김형섭; 윤갑인; 박인철; 박규영; 이병주; 김종순; 박영욱; 정성균; 안도천; 이성수; 강기석
2011-06Atomistic modeling of the Al-H and Ni-H systems고원석; 심재혁; 이병주
2009-07Atomistic modeling of the Cu-Zr-Ag bulk metallic glass system강경한; 사인영; 이재철; 에릭플러리; 이병주
2016-06Atomistic modeling of the Ti-Al binary system정우상; 김영광; 김홍규; 이병주
2013-11Atomistic simulation of hydrogen diffusion at tilt grain boundaries in vanadium심재혁; 고원석; 서진유; 이영수; 이병주
2004-10Behavior of amorphous materials under hydrostatic pressures: a molecular dynamics simulation study이병주; 이재철; 김유찬; 이성학